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Cassie J. Sneider

Cassie J. Sneider reads "Sugar Sugar," a story from her hilarious collection Fine Fine Music about the hazardous effects of being forced to wear a sexy wizard costume for Halloween at the age of 10. (Running Time: 12:03)

Cassie J. Sneider grew up in the murky depths of Lake Ronkonkoma, New York, a town with a haunted lake, a trailer park, and a record store. She put 240,000 miles on a Toyota Echo doing readings all over the country. She has been published in the2ndhand, Sadie magazine, Newsday, Savage Love, and when she was eleven, Ann Landers' advice column. She has a B.A. in English that she has often thought about while working at bookstores and strip clubs, and once, when she found it in a broken frame under a box of old lottery tickets and Christmas ornaments at her mom's house. Cassie J. Sneider collects 8-tracks and new friends. You can catch her on the Sister Spit 2012 national tour.

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