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Pop Culture | Jan 24, 2014

Nail Art Provides Outlet for Creativity and Cultural Expression

In California, manicures are big business. Nail services nationwide represent a booming $8.3 billion industry that hit a record high in 2013. For Southern California graphic designers, illustrators and painters, nail art is a way to make some money off their work. By Caitlin Esch   

Pop Culture | Jan 21, 2014

And Gif of the Year Goes To...

If actors in fancy outfits aren't really your thing, there's a new award show this year that might strike your fancy: the .GIFYs, the worlds first award show for gifs. By Emily Eifler   

Pop Culture | Jan 19, 2014

When Tough Questions Go Horribly Wrong

Handle the moment badly, and like an off-balance prizefighter, you might be the one hugging the canvas after a knockout blow. By Eric Deggans   

Pop Culture | Jan 05, 2014

Eyebombing 2.0

Pretty much any image + a pair of googly eyes = hours of online fun. By Emily Eifler   

Pop Culture | Dec 31, 2013

Best of 2013: Rebecca Eaton on 'Forum'

We asked Forum's producers to pick their favorite arts shows from 2013. Online Producer Amanda Stupi chose Rachel Myrow's interview with Rebecca Eaton, the Executive Producer of PBS' Masterpiece. By KQED Forum   

Pop Culture | Dec 30, 2013

Best of 2013: Mal Sharpe on 'Forum'

We asked Forum's producers to pick their favorite arts shows from the past year. Senior Producer Dan Zoll chose Michael Krasny's July 31 interview with Bay Area prankster, broadcast personality, and musician Mal Sharpe. By KQED Forum   

Pop Culture | Dec 25, 2013

How to Appreciate That Ugly Holiday Sweater

Turning holiday trash into year-round treasure. By Adrienne Blaine   

Pop Culture | Dec 23, 2013

Confessions of a Shopaphobic: Experimenting with Stitch Fix

What happens when someone who hates shopping lets the Internet do it for her? On outsourcing decision-making and the fashion lessons that ensue. By Sarah Hotchkiss   

TV | Dec 21, 2013

Well, Hello Daleks

The oldest Doctor Who villains are still the best. By Sam Hurwitt   

Pop Culture | Dec 15, 2013

An Invitation to Amy Poehler's Party for Smart Girls

Reinventing girl power online, Amy Poehler's Smart Girls at the Party YouTube channel highlights females of all ages who are changing the world just by being themselves. By Adrienne Blaine   

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