NPR Film | Mar 21, 2014

With A Spelling-Bee Subversion, Jason Bateman Breaks Bad

The Arrested Development actor stars in his own directorial debut as a 40-year-old middle-school dropout who decides — for a hidden motive — to compete in a national spelling bee. By Ian Buckwalter   

NPR Film | Mar 21, 2014

Middle-Aged Souls Channel Teen Rebellion, Just For A 'Week-End'

A British couple tries to re-create the magic of their Paris honeymoon 30 years later. NPR's Bob Mondello says the couple's "second adolescence" is great fun to watch. By Bob Mondello   

NPR Film | Mar 21, 2014

It's Faction Against Faction In A Grim Future Chicago

With Divergent, Hollywood turns to another hit young-adult trilogy for inspiration. Shailene Woodley stars as a 16-year-old searching for her place in a divided dystopian society. By Mark Jenkins   

NPR Film | Mar 14, 2014

'Grand Budapest Hotel': Kitsch, Cameos And A Gloriously Stylized Europe

Wes Anderson's new feature takes place at a resort hotel, between World Wars I and II. Fresh Air's critic says the visuals are so witty they transcend camp, but the dialogue isn't quite at that level. By David Edelstein   

NPR Film | Mar 14, 2014

'Particle Fever': Thrills, Chills And High Subatomic Drama

What's possibly the nerdiest documentary ever made turns out to be one of the most inspiring, too. It's the inside story of the quest for a tiny, elusive particle of matter. (Recommended.) By Trey Graham   

Movies | Mar 13, 2014

San Francisco's Le Video Says It May Shut Down

The beloved video store, which boasts "the largest rental selection in California," may close its doors at the end of April. By Jon Brooks   

Movies | Mar 12, 2014

Top Picks from the 2014 CAAMFest

The Center for Asian American Media's annual festival is always a blow-out, featuring the best in international Asian film, music and food. The annual celebration starts Thursday, screening 121 films from 20 countries over the next 11 days. Here are few you should not miss. By Liz Mak   

NPR Film | Mar 07, 2014

Wes Anderson's New Hotel Proves Pretty Grand Indeed

Wes Anderson's eighth film, set primarily in a 1930s hotel, is just as stylish, precise, and nostalgic as his past films — and far funnier. (Recommended) By Ian Buckwalter   

Movies | Mar 03, 2014

Spring In Your Step: 5 to Watch

A few special series and a major film festival spark the spirit through the moody month of March. By Michael Fox   

Pop Culture | Mar 01, 2014

Dylan Farrow Aside, Does Woody Allen Stink as a Film Director?

Given the recent resurfacing of controversy surrounding the director, an Allen win on Oscar night is sure to spark discussion. By Jon Brooks   

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