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Mac McClelland on Her New Memoir, ‘Irritable Hearts: A PTSD Love Story’

The award-winning journalist talks with KQED about her new book, which chronicles her recovery from the trauma inherent in her human-rights reporting for Mother Jones and others.

Sandip Roy's Novel Explores an Indian Family's Hidden Secrets

Author and journalist Sandip Roy's novel "Don't Let Him Know" explores the inner lives of Indian immigrants living in the United States. It's a world he knows well. The former KALW radio host was born in India, spent years in San Francisco and recently returned to live in Kolkata. We talk with Roy about secrets both fictional and real, family, sexuality and his journey back to his country of birth.

Sandip Roy's Novel Explores an Indian Family's Hidden Secrets

A Petri Dish of Secrets: Sandip Roy On His New Novel, ‘Don’t Let Him Know’

The longtime Bay Area radio personality and journalist discusses his new novel, which examines an immigrant family carrying around secrets "like little knapsacks."

Harper Lee to Publish 'To Kill a Mockingbird' Sequel

This week, 88-year-old author Harper Lee rocked the literary world by revealing the existence of a sequel to her classic work, "To Kill a Mockingbird." The book is set to be published on July 14. How do you feel about the news? What did "To Kill a Mockingbird" mean to you, and what do you hope for in the new book?


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