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Patricia Lockwood, the Surreal, Smart ‘Poet Laureate of Twitter,’ Comes to SF

The "poet laureate of Twitter" reads from her new collection 'MotherlandFatherland Homelandsexuals' as well as new material at the SFJCC.

Nayomi Munaweera’s Compelling Meditation on War-Torn Sri Lanka

Author reads from debut novel set in Sri Lanka's civil war.

Author Events: On Wednesday, the Cup Runneth Over

Khaled Hosseini, Peter Orner and Neal Stephenson all hit the Bay Area on Sept. 10.

Comic-Con Artist Turns Adversity Into Asset

Comic-Con is on this weekend. The annual event is a riotous, colorful celebration that fills the streets of San Diego with people dressed as action heroes. Comic-Con began as a modest gathering for comic book aficionados. And while Hollywood has taken center stage, a lot of the attendees are still keen to see comic books and the artists behind them. We profile one artist whose work and personal story have generated a cult following among those in the know.

William Vollmann Tells Ghost Stories

Prolific author William T. Vollmann is based in Sacramento, but he has traveled the globe to write about cross-dressing, violence, the settlement of North America, prostitution and Copernicus, among many other topics. In his new short story collection, Vollmann takes readers to diverse settings including Japan, the Balkans, Italy, South America and Mexico, while delving into themes of mortality, the afterlife and the supernatural.

How Disney Movies Helped An Autistic Child Cope

Journalist Ron Suskind's son Owen appeared to be developing normally until about age three when, he says, the child "started to vanish." He began to lose speech, had trouble sleeping and was crying uncontrollably. He was eventually diagnosed with "regressive autism." In his new book "Life, Animated," Suskind describes how the family was able to reach Owen through the boy's passion for Disney films.


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