Fri, Nov 8, 2013 -- 10:00 AM

Research Reveals Women's Role as Peacekeepers in Marital Conflict

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When it comes to marital spats, a couple is more likely to be happy if the wife calms down before the husband, according to a recent study from researchers at UC Berkeley and other universities. The study tracked 80 Bay Area heterosexual couples over 20 years, and analyzed videos of how they cooled down after fights. We'll discuss the findings with two of the study's lead researchers, and look at what roles age and gender play. How do you resolve marital conflict?

Host: Rachael Myrow


  • Lian Bloch, licensed psychologist and assistant professor at the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology-Stanford Consortium; and lead author of the study, "Emotion Regulation Predicts Marital Satisfaction: More Than a Wives' Tale"
  • Robert Levenson, director of the Clinical Training Program and Psychology Clinic at UC Berkeley; and senior author of the study

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