Take an everyday encounter and turn it into a surprising adventure!

    KQED's new Let's Get Lost mobile app tours are a fun and fresh way to explore cultural, historical and natural sites of the Bay Area. Available for free on iPhone, Android phone and iPad, the first tour brings to life the history and meaning of the city's most intriguing murals from the Depression era with archival film footage, photographs, interviews with the artists, music, fun challenges and more -- all at your own pace.


  1. • An in-depth look at Coit Tower, Rincon Annex and the Pan American Unity mural at City College of San Francisco
  2. • Interactive hunts, using your camera phone, that challenge you to find hidden meanings and censored images in the murals
  3. • Videos with historical background as well as videos specifically focused on the three featured sites
  4. • "Guided Looking" audio with narration, expert commentary, interviews, music and sound effects that offer insights into and meaning behind specific images
  5. • Slideshows about the muralists, original artist's sketches that were previously censored and newspaper articles from the period

  6. The next tours being considered are: public displays of Burning Man art, film noir movie locations, the Beat Poets in San Francisco and how to read graffiti.

    Download Instructions

    App Store

    1. 1. Go to the iTunes App Store, and search for Let's Get Lost
    2. 2. Choose "install." Apple will prompt you to enter your iTunes password.
    3. 3. After you have downloaded the application, connect and sync your iPhone or iPad with iTunes and Let's Get Lost will be installed.
    4. 4. We recommend that you click the App Store icon from your iPhone/iPad desktop and install direct to your device!
    5. Compatible with iPhone and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later.

    Google Play

    1. 1. On your phone, tap the Play Store icon to open the store.
    2. 2. Search for KQED to find the Let's Get Lost app listing then go to the app details page.
    3. 3. Tap the download button at the top of the page to install.
    4. 4. App will be saved in the applications menu on the device where you can move it to any of the home screens.
    5. Requires Android 3.0 or later.


    1. It's highly recommended you download the app over wifi and install before embarking on your journey. It contains several videos and numerous audio files and the locations do not always provide acessible wifi.
    2. Having problems using KQED's app? Email faq@kqed.org.


    1. Produced by KQED in partnership with the California Historical Society and California’s Living New Deal Project.  Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the KQED Opportunity and Innovation Fund.
      Mobile Development and Design: Bayinteractive Inc.