The Mission

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The Story of the Mexican Americans, the Men and the Land
by Rudolph Acuna
American Book Company

California Rancho Days
by Helen Bauer
Doubleday & Co.

Growing Up With California: A History of California's Children
by John Baur
Western American Studies Series: Los Angeles

The Great American Gold Rush
by Rhoda Blumberg
Bradbury Press, New York

A Short History of San Francisco
by Tom Cole
Don't Call It Frisco Press: San Francisco

Neighborhoods in Transition - The Making of San Francisco's Ethnic and Nonconformist Communities
by Brian J. Godfrey
University of California Press: Berkeley

San Francisco 1865 - 1932 - Politics, Power and Urban Development
by William Issel and Robert W. Cherny
University of California Press: Berkeley

The Ohlone Way - Indian Life in the San Francisco - Monterey Bay Area
by Malcolm Margolin
Heydey Books: Berkeley

The San Francisco Bay Area - A Metropolis in Perspective
by Mel Scott
University of California Press: Berkeley

Ethnic Conflict in California History
by Charles Wollenberg
Tinnon-Brown Inc.: Los Angeles

The Forty Niners
Time-Life Series

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