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"Let's go to the beach" has always been an entitlement of California living, with 80 percent of Californians living within 30 miles of the water's edge. But as urbanization continues to encroach on the 1,100-mile-long coast, our shoreline has come under siege. Development is swallowing up miles of coastline; access to beaches is being cut off; and seawalls may be causing beaches to disappear. A battle is raging around the fundamental question: Whose coast is it, anyway?

Coastal Clash, a one-hour, high-definition documentary produced by KQED Public Television, takes an in-depth look at the many sides of the struggle for California's shores. Premiering on Friday, November 12, at 9pm on KQED Public Television 9, Coastal Clash will also air on KQED digital channels and various other public television stations around the state (get tune-in information).

Many Californians believe that the passage of the Coastal Act in 1976 and the subsequent creation of the California Coastal Commission and California Coastal Conservancy effectively saved the coastline for its citizens. But despite the fact that California leads the nation in its protection and management of coastal resources, few locations in the United States rival California for its constant, intense pressure for development or for the politics that plague the operations of the California Coastal Commission.

Coastal Clash travels the California coastline and introduces representatives from all sides of the issue. Environmental experts, coastal scientists, government representatives, community leaders and property owners reveal the state's history of tension between public vs. private coastal interests, examine the science of sea walls and their effect on beaches and offer examples of both failed and successful attempts at coastal development. Exploring the effects of seawalls, Coastal Clash visits the communities of Solana Beach and Pacifica. Beach access is examined in Malibu and Mendocino County, development in Santa Barbara County, and land trusts in San Luis Obispo County and the San Mateo Coast.

Elizabeth Pepin & Christa Resing

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