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The War Educator GuideThe War Educator Guide - KQED Local Version
KQED Education Network has created an 18-page educator guide for the three locally-produced documentaries by KQED and KTEH. The educator guide is a resource to enrich single-subject Social Studies classrooms, with an emphasis in World and U.S. History. The guide targets high school students, but can be adapted for use with other grade levels. All content aligns with California State Content Standards. Each unit includes quotations from the film, previewing and discussion questions.
Download the Educator Guide PDF (3.4MB)

You can also watch the programs online

The War Educator GuideThe War Educator Guide - National PBS Version
The wealth of themes explored in THE WAR offer an extraordinary educational opportunity for your classroom. The materials on PBS's "For Educators" website are specifically designed to help teachers use THE WAR and its themes not only to teach the history of the Second World War, but also to bring the powerful medium of storytelling into the classroom.
Visit PBS's The War Educator site

Connecting Teachers
- KQED and KTEH have developed and distributed educator guides for the three locally-produced documentaries (see above). DVDs of these documentaries will include the educator guides, which will be distributed to Northern California social studies/history teachers. Two workshops will be held (during fall and spring semesters) on using the documentaries in the classroom.


Engaging Youth - KQED and KTEH will encourage youth to connect directly with history and deepen their understanding of WWII through "Share a Story." Training sessions will be held for teachers on how to help students collect and record their own stories.


Community Screenings and Public Forums - Three screenings and public forums will be held focusing on issues such as Latino contributions and ways to inform the public; the African American experience during and after the war; the Japanese American experience in internment camps; and the representation of communities of color in mainstream media.


In addition, DOC Film Institute at San Francisco State University will present a 14-hour marathon screening of The War at Lucas Films Theater in the Presidio from Sept. 14 through 16. Ken Burns and co-director Lynn Novick will be present throughout the weekend to discuss with the audience their experiences making the series.

KQED will also supplement the national series The War with related programming throughout the month of September, underscoring the contributions of Americans from a diversity of backgrounds. Premieres of these programs on KQED 9 and KTEH 54 are detailed on broadcast schedule page. For more information about these programs or other outreach, please contact Yoon Lee at 415.553.3338 or ylee@kqed.org.