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Community Gardens: Growing So Much More Than Plants (#711H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Few people realize that less than 10% of all seed varieties grown in 1900 are still with us today. They're extinct-gone forever, because no one took the time to preserve them for future generations. Today, that risk is even greater, with genetic manipulation of the relatively few remaining seed varieties, combined with the massive buying up of smaller seed companies by overseas giants. The mission of protecting, preserving, and sharing today's precious seed and heirloom varieties has never been more important. Thankfully, one company established in 1975 to do just that, is alive and well and thriving in their efforts to preserve our horticultural diversity. Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, IA has an active international membership of over 13,000 who are helping with the cause. In this episode, we make a trip to their scenic 890-acre Heritage Farm to learn more about their process, as well as the risks and challenges of protecting today's precious seed varieties for future generations.

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  • KQED Plus: Tue, May 29, 2018 -- 4:00pm Remind me

Growing Big Flavors in Small Spaces (Los Angeles, CA) (#712H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

With a goal of producing wines that are as good for the earth as they are on the palate, that can be a proposition far too risky for most wineries. But not for Fetzer Vineyards-one of America's largest commercial wine producers. Their commitment to being "earth-friendly" is reflected in everything they do. From the sustainable methods used to grow and manage their crops, to how they process waste, even to the energy consumed to run their company; it's all green. In this episode, Joe gets an insider's look at some of the ways they're keeping it earth friendly, and shares with viewers how they can apply some of those techniques at home to get the same great results.

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  • KQED Plus: Tue, Jun 5, 2018 -- 4:00pm Remind me

Growing Healthy Foods and Sustainable Communities (Atlanta, GA) (#713H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

The busier we get, the more we seem to seek a time when life wasn't so fast. A movement towards a simple, yet flavorful lifestyle, often associated with the term "homesteading" is growing more popular all the time. And it's not just rural farm-types that are leading the charge. People from all walks of life, including professionals from the suburbs to city-dwelling urbanites are looking to raise their own chickens, grow their own organic food, can and preserve the harvest, and other practices more commonly associa-ted with activities of our parents and grandparents. In this episode, Joe goes behind the scenes with one of the country's leading contemporary urban homesteaders, Theresa Loe to learn more about what's behind this exploding trend. It all happens from her own tiny Los Angeles homestead where she is all about fresh, seasonal and locally-sourced flavor.

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  • KQED Plus: Tue, Jun 12, 2018 -- 4:00pm Remind me

Red White and Green: America's Earth Friendly Vineyard (#714H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

How often do we move into a house that provides adequate shelter but does nothing to beckon you outside beyond the walls? That was the case for the Scott family... until they decided to do something about it. What started as an experimental small vegetable garden at the back of the driveway has since evolved into a livable and inviting backyard that is now an essential part of their everyday living space. See how this family's efforts to redeem their ground opened up a whole new world of life in the great outdoors, and how many of the simple changes they made will inspire you in your own backyard.

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  • KQED Plus: Tue, Jun 19, 2018 -- 4:00pm Remind me

The Compost Peddlers (Austin, TX) (#715H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

America is on a mission to lighten their environmental footprint while reducing waste going into landfills. Many urban and suburban homeowners know that composting is a great way to do both. Yet not everyone is ready to take the dive into managing a backyard heap of food scraps and yard debris. In Austin, locals can have the best of both words. The Compost Peddlers is a small eco-minded company on a big mission. Using the clean energy of pedal power, they'll bike to your door, pick up your weekly collection, and haul it off to a nearby farm to do the dirty work for you. Keeping it local and out of the landfill while producing an abundance of compost, it's a winning recipe and a business model that's as green as it gets and growing fast.

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  • KQED Plus: Tue, Jun 26, 2018 -- 4:00pm Remind me
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