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Print (#2301H) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

There are many elements that come together to influence our art quilting designs and style. Plus, we are always learning new techniques and building on the skills we already have. We start our newest season of Quilting Arts with printing - it's a primary building block for many art quilts. Up first, Lyric Montgomery Kinard demonstrates a technique featuring layers of screen printing. Then Suzan Engler has a lesson on quilting digitally prepared fabrics. We finish with Leslie Riley as she moves beyond the print with Eco and Wet-Cyan Photo Manipulation. So grab your tool belt as we explore the building blocks of art quilting!

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Thu, Sep 19, 2019 -- 8:00am Remind me

Color and Value (#2302H) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

Color is one of the most important tools in most quilter's toolbox. Today's show takes our learning one step further with new terminology and concepts. The Pixeladies, Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki, are up first to show us how to assess value using your computer, phone, or other digital devices. Then Lea McComas begins her three- part lesson on using color with confidence - the first is Take Your Color Temperature. She demonstrates how hot and cold relate to color. Host Susan Brubaker Knapp closes with a segment about color relativity. Learn about tints, shades and tones plus saturation and values. You're never too old or too young to learn more about color!

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Thu, Sep 26, 2019 -- 8:00am Remind me

Around The World (#2303H) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

Whether you're an armchair traveler or a world explorer, a key building block to developing your quilt style is an openness to other cultures and countries - they can be a wealth of inspiration to expand our quilting expression. We begin with world traveler, Luana Rubin. Travel with her to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England and learn about the European art quilt movement. Then Lyric Montgomery Kinard makes whole cloth Celtic knots, using her technique of Apli-Punto that creates a trapunto effect without slitting and stuffing. We close the show with Suzan Engler as she explores ways to use digitally prepared fabrics.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Thu, Oct 3, 2019 -- 8:00am Remind me

Collage Techniques (#2304H) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

Collage is a technique we use extensively as art quilters but there are so many different materials and styles we can incorporate into our work. Jane Haworth is first, paying homage to last week's theme of travel with a travel journal quilt to remember past vacations. It features ephemera and a hand painted map highlighted with free motion. Then Kathryn Pellman creates Fashionistas - fabric 'paper dolls' made with imagination, fusible applique, conversational prints, free cutting and free motion quilting.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Thu, Oct 10, 2019 -- 8:00am Remind me

Focus On Quilting (#2305H) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

When you think of building blocks - what could be more basic than the quilting itself! In the first segment Joe Cunningham shows us how to draw a portrait with our quilting and then add hand quilting for a bold graphic look. Then meet Donelle McAdams for a strip piecing quilted using rulers. We finish with Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum and Quilting for Show. Learn how she makes her decision to enter a quilt show and the personal advantages of showing your work.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Thu, Oct 17, 2019 -- 8:00am Remind me

Putting It All Together (#2306H) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

All season we've been adding building blocks to our quilt tool box - but what cements the elements into a whole design? Today's show is about putting it all together. First Joe Cunningham has a lesson on free piecing. Then Mary McCauley shows step-by-step how to design and create a three dimensional quilted vessel. Finally, host Susan Brubaker Knapp creates amulets made from little bits of fabric and special embellishments.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Thu, Oct 24, 2019 -- 8:00am Remind me

Wheels Keep Turning (#2307H) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

Movement and wheels are an element to our three guests on today's show. First Kathryn Pellman flips our quilts to the back to explore creative solutions and experiments for quilt backs that address fabric shortages, leftover strips, creative labels, and more. Then Luana Rubin explores the concept of indigenous quilts. In her travels around the world, she's noticed that the quilts that often stand out and are most unique and memorable, are the ones that express the quilter's local culture. They include their local landscape, local unique flora and fauna, and the culture of their indigenous peoples. Last, Lea McComas has her second lesson on Color with Confidence. Learn how to select and use a color wheel and what to do with your color studies.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Thu, Oct 31, 2019 -- 8:00am Remind me
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