Jacques Pepin: Fast Food My Way Previous Broadcasts

Use Your Noodle (Episode #121)

KQED Life: Mon, May 30, 2011 -- 5:30 PM

Jacques has spent more than forty years in the United States, but still embraces the French style of eating eggs for lunch or dinner. Bowtie Pasta with Fried Eggs and Cheese or an omelet, made side-by-side with dear friend Jean-Claude Szurdak, with a Crusty Tomato Savory is among Jacques' favorite meals. He prepares his mother's Peasant Soup, but dishes like Shrimp and Scallop Pillows on Boston Lettuce and a Grapefruit Gratinee are all Jacques'.

Dining Al Fresco (Episode #120)

KQED Life: Fri, May 27, 2011 -- 5:30 PM

Take a little extra time at the grocery store or specialty market and introduce new ingredients to the pantry. Mirin, a sweet Japanese rice wine, adds crisp, light flavor to Sea Bass Gravlax with Cucumbers. Anchovies and tuna in oil are part of a quick sauce for Chicken Tonnato. A can of chestnut puree makes the dense Chestnut and Chocolate Cake an easy to prepare, at-home luxury. A different jam or vinegar makes Blueberries in Raspberry Sauce with Ice Cream and Summertime Salad sparkle.

Stick to Your Ribs (Episode #119)

KQED Life: Wed, May 25, 2011 -- 5:30 PM

Jacques proves how fast and easy it can be to use a pressure cooker to make Beef Short Rib, Mushroom, and Potato Stew. Meanwhile, there is plenty of time to prepare a starter of Sweet Potato Chowder or Scallop Seviche and Guacamole. The elegant Champagne on Fruit "Rocks" can be the perfect ending to any meal.

Fusion Flavors (Episode #118)

KQED Life: Mon, May 23, 2011 -- 5:30 PM

Jacques has no favorite dishes when it comes to cooking and eating; he likes it all! Guava Delicioso, Chopped Chicken Livers with Spinach Salad, Glazed Salmon in Mirin, Silky Chestnut and Apple Puree, and Warm Chocolate Cakes with Apricot-Cognac Sauce show the diversity in Jacques' repertoire.

Great Gratins (Episode #117)

KQED Life: Fri, May 20, 2011 -- 5:30 PM

On a chilly evening, what could be better for dinner than a cup of soup or a casserole? Jacques shows how homey, comforting foods like Silky Tomato Soup with Spinach Coulis, Little Shrimp Casseroles, Toasted Bread and Mozzarella, and a Rhubarb and Berry Crumble can also be great for a party. Apricot Sherbet is a light, easy, make-ahead dessert.

Instantly Delicious (Episode #116)

KQED Life: Wed, May 18, 2011 -- 5:30 PM

Sometimes the key to fast food is a well-stocked refrigerator and pantry. Leftover vegetables become a Pepin favorite with Jacques' Instant Vegetable Soup, also known as "fridge soup." By combining a few fresh products and kitchen staples, it is simple to prepare a Lavash Pizza, Halibut on Fresh Polenta with Pepper Oil, Pole Beans with Shallots, and Hasty Pudding with Apricot Sauce.

Wrap It Up (Episode #115)

KQED Life: Mon, May 16, 2011 -- 5:30 PM

A sit-down dinner with family and friends doesn't have to be formal. Devil Shrimp, Sausage and Potato Packets with Homemade Mustard, Mushroom and Walnut Salad in Sour Cream Dressing, and Apple Peel Granite with Apple Puree are dishes that bring the ease of a picnic inside. Jacques assembles a plate full of Basil, Cheese, Fig, and Nut Bites, an easy light lunch or a perfect cheese course.

Under The Sea (Episode #114)

KQED Life: Fri, May 13, 2011 -- 5:30 PM

Inspired by his mother, Jeannette, Jacques prepares an Egg and Tomato Gratin and Greens with Quick Cream Dressing. His wife Gloria inspired the first course, Smoked Whitefish Tartine. Stuffed Scallops on Mushroom Rice and Pineapple Wedges in Caramel would inspire anyone wanting great food!

Jacques' Favorites (Episode #113)

KQED Life: Wed, May 11, 2011 -- 5:30 PM

Jacques believes in great food everyday. As long as the ingredients are on hand, Prosciutto and Figs or Crab Cakes in Red Sauce need not be saved for special occasions. Pasta, Ham, and Vegetable Gratin can make use of leftover meats and vegetables and creates a nice balance when served with a salad of Romaine and Radicchio with Salsa Dressing. Big Almond Macaroons with Apricot Filling make any day feel special.

Casual Entertaining (Episode #112)

KQED Life: Mon, May 9, 2011 -- 5:30 PM

When guests stop by and leave little time for preparation, there are easy fix-its. Tuna Tomatoes and Salmon Tartare on Cauliflower Salad are beautiful "do ahead" dishes for lunch or a first course. Breaded Pork Scaloppine with Mushroom Sauce, Chickpea Ragout and Caramelized Peaches can be prepared as a perfect evening supper.

Palate Pleasers (Episode #111)

KQED Life: Fri, May 6, 2011 -- 5:30 PM

Jacques gets inspired at the market. Scrambled Eggs on Tomato Jus can be enhanced by the addition of cheeses, vegetables, and herbs. Grilled Striped Bass with Pimento Relish can be varied by using the freshest fish and herbs available. Jacques also introduces the beautifully refreshing Pink Grapefruit Terrine, as well as the Asian inspired Cauliflower with Scallions and Sesame Oil and a quick Ham Cornucopia.

Perfect "Pear"Ings (Episode #110)

KQED Life: Wed, May 4, 2011 -- 5:30 PM

A pressure cooker is a means of fast, efficient cooking as in Jacques' Veal Roast. To serve with it, Skillet Endives quickly provide a more concentrated taste. Two great starters, Summer Salad Sante and Tomato and Mozzarella Fans, are best with fresh ingredients from the garden, while Pear Brown Betty uses leftover baked goods to provide a dessert that won't have any leftovers.

Comfort Kitchen (Episode #109)

KQED Life: Mon, May 2, 2011 -- 5:30 PM

Jacques has gone foraging for mushrooms since childhood, but in Mushroom Veloute with Almonds, Instant Beef Tenderloin Stew, and Mushroom and Raisin Chutney he uses older, store-bought, white button mushrooms with great results. He also creates a starter of Red Beets in Sour Cream and a finish of Apple, Pecan, and Apricot Crumble in no time.

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