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Senior Year, Interrupted

That feeling when you’re a high school senior and…

X Prom is canceled

X Campus tours are canceled

X Graduation is canceled

X Seeing your friends in person is canceled

There’s no denying it: this situation is wild. And we want to know how you’re navigating this time in your lives.  

How are you feeling about your senior year being interrupted? In a 1 to 5 minute video, show and tell us what your life is like during the coronavirus shutdown. 

Whether you’re picking up a new hobby, re-inventing your school musical for Zoom, worried about your family members or just hella bored — this is a “no judgment” zone, so let us know what’s on your mind.  (Need some inspiration? Check out these videos.)

Submit your entry using the form below. Your video submission may get published here on KQED.org or become a part of a radio story for KQED.

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