Battery Technology a New Focus at San Jose State

A coalition of  high tech firms and researchers is joining forces with San Jose State University to push the boundaries of battery technology.  The so-called “Battery University” is intended to train a specialty workforce to advance the energy storage industry.
Batteries are so common they can easily be taken for granted, but new uses are putting new demands on battery technology. 
Jeff Anderson* is with CalCharge, a battery incubator.  He says the industry is changing rapidly, and the joint venture is a response to an important question. "How do we actually capture this potential, the innovation, we are creating here in the U.S. to create U.S. jobs and a U.S. advanced manufacturing industry in batteries?" he says.
Mobile electronics and electric vehicles are driving the need for batteries that are exponentially smaller, cheaper and longer lasting.  And renewable energy sources like solar and wind require large scale energy storage.
*Correction: KQED incorrectly named Jeff Anderson as Jeff Smith.
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