One Year After The Deadly Camp Fire

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Smoke fills the air in parts of Butte County as the Camp Fire burns.  (Jeremy Siegel)

One Year After The Deadly Camp Fire

We mark a grim anniversary today. It’s been one year since the Camp Fire broke out. It was the deadliest blaze in California history devastating the town of Paradise in Butte County and killing more than 80 people. At its peak the blaze spread at a rate of 80 football fields a minute. The town’s residents were caught off guard with many never receiving emergency alerts. Now officials say they’re trying to make sure that communications failure never happens again.
Reporter: Jeremy Siegel

25 Years After Proposition 187

25 years ago today, California voters approved Proposition 187, a ballot measure that tried to bar immigrants without legal status from using public services, like health care and education. Public health care providers were to report patients suspected to be in the country illegally to immigration officials. Prop 187 was ruled unconstitutional and never implemented. But it was blamed for the death of one sick boy a tragedy still resonates today.
Reporter: Alyssa Jeong Perry, KPCC

Severe Storms Could Overwhelm Southern California Dam

Thousands of people live downriver from the Mojave River Dam in San Bernardino County. A new assessment by the US Army Corps of Engineers says the structure “could fail." Now extreme precautions are being taken to make sure that doesn’t happen.
Reporter: Avishay Artsy, KCRW

Earthquakes Happening On Mars

California is earthquake country, but so too it appears is the planet Mars.  We know that now because of a seismometer recently placed on the surface of the Red Planet by NASA's Insight lander. It's detected dozens of Martian temblors and has even recorded what they sound like.  Host Saul Gonzalez talked about "Mars-quakes" with Bruce Barendt, the chief investigator on the InSight mission to learn more.
Host: Saul Gonzalez, Guest: Bruce Barendt, InSight