Bob Ross Happy Hour

Relax, paint (or not), and enjoy some happy little accidents with Bob Ross!

Need something to calm your coronavirus anxieties? Chill with us at this free virtual watch party for some low-key, soothing episodes of The Joy of Painting with the one and only Bob Ross!

If you happen to have a canvas, paints, and brushes at home, follow along as Bob paints an "Evergreen Valley" and a "Hidden Delight." Or just unwind, let Bob's cheerful spirit and assurance wash over you, and chat about the majestic mountains and all the happy little accidents!

Register here and receive a link to the screening on the OVEE platform, powered by ITVS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Episodes of The Joy of Painting provided courtesy of American Public Television.

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WHENTuesday, April 7, 2020 6:00 PM