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Restaurant Reviews From "Check, Please! Bay Area"

Looking for restaurant ideas and recommendations? Visit our Check, Please! Bay Area restaurant reviews, mapped by location.


QUEST Science Hikes

KQED's QUEST is a multimedia series about the people behind San Francisco Bay Area science and environmental issues and how their work is changing the way we live. QUEST Explorations are nature hikes and walks with a strong science theme.

Join the KQED QUEST Explorers on EveryTrail

Have you enjoyed QUEST's science-themed online hikes, and wish you could create and share your own? Now you can! QUEST has teamed up with EveryTrail to make it easy for you to create trips, start discussions, meet other local hikers & QUEST fans, and even take the hikes with you on your mobile phone.


San Francisco Cartoon Art Tour

If you just can't get enough of comic books and cartoon art, devote a day to our San Francisco Cartoon Art Tour where you can delve into cartooning's past, revel in its present and even get to try your hand at creating an animated film.

San Francisco Tour of Public Art by Female Artists

The next time you're looking for an art-filled way to spend the day in San Francisco, consider heading outdoors and hitting up these top destinations for public art. We've even offered up a few suggestions for sustenance along the way.

San Francisco's Glass Arts Tour

Spend a day -- or two -- discovering San Francisco's Glass Arts in a tour designed to give both a historic and a contemporary perspective of this vibrant medium.

Downtown San Jose Art Tour

The downtown SoFA District is quickly becoming a hot destination for art lovers. Its multi-faceted arts scene is growing by the day, offering countless opportunities to experience and engage with the work of local and international artists.

Palo Alto Public Art Tour

This self-guided Public Art Tour will take you to the picturesque, yet quirky grounds of Byxbee Park, past murals from East Palo Alto's student-driven Mural Art Project, then on to Stanford for works from some of the art world's most renowned sculptors, both past and present.

Oakland Arts Community

Take an inside look into Oakland's vibrant arts community on this 12-stop grand prix tour to see what each space is all about! Before heading out, check out the map that we've created especially for this tour.

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