Performance ArtPerformance Art

Performer in white curly wig and yellow blazer with wide-eyed look

Celebrating Sunset Seaside Drag at Baker Beach

A woman in long hair pulled back a blue turtleneck motions with her hands in front of a large green bush, outside

At Dance Mission, Migrant Workers Share Stories of Self-Empowerment

Six dancers in colorful clothes dance on and around large cement block in outside setting

Dancing Through the Summer Solstice with Sara Shelton Mann

Woman holds both hands up while speaking into mic

Heartfelt Stories From Healthcare Providers Bring Audiences ‘Together Again’

Oil paintings of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama side by side

Your Guide to This Summer’s Don’t-Miss Visual Art Shows

A middle-aged Black man plays the alto saxophone on a dimly lit stage

With the Future Uncertain, Mills' Experimental 'Music in the Fault Zone' is Feted in Four-Day Fest

Adesha and Beau stand in the foreground as they rehearse their lines.

Startup Dreams, Hip Hop and Theater Meet in a New Play About Tech & Art

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After Nightmare Trip to France, Circus Artists Accuse Bay Area Promoter of Streaming Scam