Television Transmitter StatusTelevision Transmitter Status

Fremont Peak Maintenance

If you receive KQED from an over-the-air signal from our Fremont Peak Tower you may be experiencing reception issues, The tower is being repaired, and we had to turn the power on our signal down for safety reasons. We will update this page when power has been restored.


KQED 9 and 54 over-the-air issues

We are aware that some over-the-air viewers are experiencing issues receiving the KQED 9 and KQED Plus signals from Sutro Tower. This issue is likely being caused by technical work to Sutro Tower that is being performed by their engineers. During the course of this maintenance, the signal is being broadcast at half strength during weekdays and at full power on the weekends. Please return to this page for progress updates.

As we become aware of technical problems originating from KQED, KQED Plus, or KQET, we will list them here.

You can also get updates from the Sutro Tower website.

Get antenna tips under the "Off Air Reception" section on our KQED TV basic tune-in information page, and also our Tips on Over-the-Air HDTV reception -  from a KQED Broadcast Engineer page.

Comcast Closed Captioning Issue

We understand that some Comcast users are experiencing an issue with closed captioning appearing incorrectly or not all. This issue seems to be occurring with other Comcast channels as well. We are in touch with Comcast technicians and hope the issue will be resolved shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will update this page with progress on this issue.

Use our TV Technical  Problem Report form to report a problem.