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On TV: LGBTQ+ Pride Month - June 2024

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"Little Richard: The King and Queen of Rock and Roll" premieres Friday, June 2 at 9pm on KQED 9.

KQED is proud to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month starting in June with a special TV programming lineup. Premiere dates are listed below.


Sun, 6/2
11:30pm POV Shorts: Dreaming Life
Two stories of self-acceptance and joy: “Another Hayride” follows Louise Hay’s creation of a healing space amidst the AIDS epidemic, while “To the Future, With Love” introduces Hunter “Pixel” Jimenez, a 19-year-old nonbinary trans boy navigating family expectations and personal dreams.

Wed, 6/5
11:30pm In the Night I Remember Your Name
Experience a daughter’s chronicle of her mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s, intertwined with the grandmother’s sorrow as she witnesses her own decline alongside her granddaughter’s blossoming. It’s a pastor’s journey grappling with faith amid adversity, ultimately evolving from despair to peace. At its core, it’s a narrative of finding joy amidst hardship.

Sat, 6/8      
8pm Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution #101: Rock the Boat (NEW)
Explore the origin of a global music phenomenon born among gay and black communities coming together in apartments and basement bars in 1970s New York, where dancefloors became a platform in their battle for visibility and inclusion.

9:30pm Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution #102: Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now (NEW)
Experience the pinnacle of disco culture during the 1970s, set against the backdrop of black power and sexual liberation. As disco conquers the mainstream, Black women and gay men rise as superstars and icons.


10:30pm Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution #103: Stayin’ Alive (NEW)
From the basement bars of ’70s New York to the peak of the global charts, discover the story of disco: its rise, fall, and legacy. Reveling in iconic tracks and remarkable footage, this is a powerful, revisionist history of the disco age.

11:30pm The Committee
“The Committee” is a documentary delving into Florida’s little-known Legislative Investigative Committee, which operated from 1956-1965 under Senator Charley Johns. Tasked with rooting out communist and homosexual individuals from state universities, it resulted in over 200 dismissals or expulsions. Through firsthand accounts from survivors and an interrogator, the film unveils this dark period, culminating in a 50-year reunion between survivor and interrogator.

Mon, 6/10
9pm Art and Pep (NEW)
Art Johnston and Pepe Pena, civil rights pioneers, fuel LGBTQ+ equality through Sidetrack, their iconic Chicago gay bar. Their love story, chronicled in the documentary Art and Pep, mirrors their lifelong fight for freedom and love.

10pm Outrage of Danny Sotomayor: American Stories (NEW)
Danny Sotomayor, the fiery, openly gay AIDS activist and political cartoonist took to the streets of Chicago, using civil disobedience to wage war on city officials who marginalized the LGBTQ+ community and turned a blind eye to the AIDS crisis – despite battling the disease himself.

11pm Justly Wed: Scenes from the Marriage Equality Movement (NEW)
Justly Wed delves into the fight for marriage equality, focusing on SF’s pivotal 2004 decision to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Through the personal stories of four couples, it reveals the profound impact and lasting legacy of this historic moment in American history.

Tues, 6/11
9pm To Be Takei
Over seven decades, George Takei boldly journeyed from a WWII internment camp to the helm of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise and shares his playful and profound trek for life, liberty, and love with his husband Brad, engaging five million Facebook fans daily.

Wed, 6/12
10pm It’s a Match
It’s a Match follows Alana and Lori, two young LGBT individuals, who find love online with a casual swipe. When Alana’s need for a kidney transplant becomes apparent, Lori, against the odds, discovers she’s a compatible donor, deciding to give Alana the ultimate gift.

“Unidad: Gay & Lesbian Latinos Unidos” airs Tuesday, June 18 at 11pm on KQED 9.

Tue, 6/18
11pm Unidad: Gay & Lesbian Latinos Unidos
Founded in 1981, Gay and Lesbian Latinos Unidos (GLLU) emerged in the wake of Stonewall and at the onset of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. As the first major Queer Latin@ organization in greater Los Angeles, GLLU played a pivotal role during a crucial time in LGBTQ, women’s, and civil rights movements, shaping the destinies of its communities for decades.

Thu, 6/20
10:45pm The Lodge
The Lodge takes audiences inside this historic first-of-its kind retirement community especially created for LGBTQ seniors and their allies.

Fri, 6/21
9pm Prideland
Join queer actor Dyllon Burnside on a Southern journey meeting diverse LGBTQ community members. From a lesbian rodeo champ in Texas to an African American mayor ally in Alabama, discover how LGBTQ Americans embrace authenticity and Pride in the modern South.

Sat, 6/22
10:30pm Stonewall Uprising: American Experience
“Stonewall Uprising” delves into the event that catalyzed a global rights movement. It revisits a time when homosexuality was illegal and stigmatized. Gays, fleeing persecution, sought refuge at the Stonewall Inn in New York. When police raided the inn in 1969, the LGBTQ community fought back, sparking protests that heralded the arrival of the gay rights movement.

Sun, 6/23
7pm L.A.: A Queer History #10: Culture and Criminalization
Early Hollywood emerges as a haven for LGBTQ individuals seeking a fresh start, from pioneering artists to male and female impersonators in “pansy clubs.” As LGBTQ culture blossoms, post-WW2 criminalization looms large.

Thu, 6/27
11pm Murder In Montrose: The Paul Broussard Legacy
In 1991, the murder of 27-year-old gay man Paul Broussard in Houston shocked the nation, exposing the harassment and mistreatment faced by the LGBTQ community. The documentary delves into the aftermath, from civil unrest to hate crime legislation and political activism, forever changing Houston and the nation.

“American Experience: Casa Susanna” airs Friday, June 28 at 8pm on KQED 9.

Fri, 6/28
8pm American Experience: Casa Susanna
In the 1950s and 60s, when failure to wear gender-appropriate clothing was illegal across most of the country, a community of cross-dressing men found refuge at a modest house in the Catskills region of New York. Named after its matriarch, Casa Susanna provided community and validation for its guests.

11pm Sister Eileen and Her Boyz: An HIV in the Rust Belt Story (NEW)
A Catholic Sister working for the Toledo, Ohio diocese reflects on her ministry to gay men during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Sister Eileen Schieber resigned her position as the Bishop’s vicar to partner with community organizers dedicated to providing care and housing for those with HIV/AIDS.

Sun, 6/30
7pm L.A.: A Queer History #102: Protests and Parades
Despite adversity, gay and lesbian organizing begins. Publications, protests and uprisings spring up, leading to the country’s first Pride Parade, LGBTQ Social Services, the first “Gay City” and an eventual national Civil Rights Movement.


Sat, 6/1
8pm Elton John – The Million Dollar Piano (NEW)
Celebrate the legendary singer, songwriter and performer in a spectacular 2012 concert at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Featuring a state-of-the art Yamaha piano, this unforgettable show features Elton performing his much-loved hits.

Fri, 6/7
2pm All We’ve Got
More than 100 bars, bookstores, art and community spaces where LGBTQ+ women gather have closed in the past decade. Join us as we travel the country to find out why these spaces matter and how some are managing to survive despite the odds.

Fri, 6/14
4:30pm Odessa’s Reign
In the 1950s, Odessa Madre, nicknamed the Queen of the Underworld, led a lucrative gambling ring in segregated Washington, D.C., gaining prestige within the mob and control over law enforcers, despite facing the challenges of being an African American woman.

Sun, 6/23
4:30pm Feelings are Facts: The Life of Yvonne Rainer
At 25, she took her first dance class. At 28, she changed dance forever. Feelings are Facts: The Life of Yvonne Rainer provides a front row seat the founding of postmodern dance in America in 1962 and the woman who was at its center.

Mon, 6/24
2pm Queer Silicon Valley
“Queer Silicon Valley,” a one-hour documentary, explores Silicon Valley’s impact on the LGBTQ+ movement. From the 1970s bar scene to AIDS challenges, political representation, and marriage equality, the film uncovers this overlooked history through diverse voices.

“Out in Rural America” airs Saturday, June 29 at 10am on KQED Plus.

Sat, 6/29
10am Out in Rural America
“Out in Rural America” follows five stories from the LGBTQ+ community over six years, exploring the challenges and joys of being queer in rural America. It delves into themes of self-doubt, discrimination, acceptance, and LGBTQ+ life in small-town and Midwestern settings from various perspectives.


Mon, 6/10
4pm Independent Lens: Cured
When homosexuality was considered a mental illness to be “cured,” renegade LGBTQ+ activists fought a powerful psychiatry establishment that had things dangerously backwards.

5pm Independent Lens: Mama Bears
Although they grew up as fundamentalist, evangelical Christians, these moms are now willing to risk losing friends, family, and faith communities to keep their kids safe-even if it challenges their belief systems and rips apart their worlds.

Tue, 6/11    
11am POV: We Are the Radical Monarchs
Meet the Radical Monarchs, a group of young girls of color on the frontlines of social justice. Follow the group as they earn badges for completing units on such subjects as being an LGBTQ ally, preserving the environment and disability justice.

12:30pm American Masters: Ailey
Discover the legendary choreographer Alvin Ailey whose dances center on the Black American experience with grace, strength and beauty. Featuring previously unheard audio interviews with Ailey, interviews with those close to him and an intimate glimpse into the Ailey studios today.

Wed, 6/12  
5pm POV: Out in the Night
Examine the uphill battle of a group of African-American lesbians charged with attempted murder when they fought back after being threatened. The case reveals the role that race, gender identity and sexuality play in the criminal justice system.

Thu, 6/13
4pm Reel South: A Run for More
Witness Frankie Gonzales-Wolfe’s journey from a fighter in her upbringing to potentially making history as Texas’ first openly elected transgender official. Amid legal attacks on the trans community, the documentary follows Frankie as she finds her voice, examines her relationship with the community, and strives to win an election.

6:30pm POV Shorts: On Caregiving and Grace
“Águilas” portrays the Águilas del Desierto, volunteers who brave the Arizona border to recover missing migrants, where only one in five are ever found. “The Hairdresser” follows Kathleen’s reflections on her unique experiences as a hairdresser.

Fri, 6/14      
5:30pm AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange: Can You Bring It: Bill T. Jones D-Man in the Waters
Explore the history and legacy of choreographer-dancer-director Bill T. Jones’ ballet, “D-Man in the Waters.” Emerging in the age of AIDS, the 1989 ballet gave physical manifestation to the fear, anger, grief, and hope for salvation that Jones and colleagues experienced as AIDS took the life of their beloved co-founder Arnie Zane and other troupe members.

Sat, 6/15
4pm We’ll Meet Again: Coming Out
Join Ann Curry as those whose lives were changed by the early days of the gay rights movement reunite. Tom wants to find the childhood friend who urged him to come out, while Paul seeks a fellow student who inspired him to stand up for his beliefs.

“Aging Matters: Aging with Pride” airs Monday, June 17 at 6pm on KQED World.

Mon, 6/17
6pm Aging Matters: Aging with Pride
“Aging Matters: Aging with Pride” highlights the distinct social, economic, and health obstacles faced by LGBTQIA elders. Through the lens of the Stonewall Generation, the documentary reveals the discrimination and loneliness many endure, showcasing efforts nationwide to address these challenges and advance equality for the community.

Thu, 6/20
5pm America Reframed: Jack & Yaya
From a young age, Yaya and Jack saw each other as they truly were, a girl and a boy, even though most of the world didn’t see them that way. As they grew older, they supported each other as they both came out as transgender. Jack & Yaya follows these two friends for a year and explores their unique, thirty-year relationship.

6:30pm POV Shorts: Becoming Myself
“Integrate.Me” chronicles Tristan’s journey as a queer, trans individual navigating trauma and experimental therapy to find their true self. In “Elaine is Almost,” experience the unwavering bond between siblings as one sister interviews the other on the brink of her 14th and 15th birthdays.

Sat, 6/22
4pm Dear Ike: Lost Letters to a Teen Idol
A young boy with fantasies of one day making animated movies with his teen idol (1970s Disney star, Ike Eisenmann) follows that dream on what turns out to be an incredible 40-year odyssey.

5pm American Masters: Little Richard: The King and Queen of Rock and Roll
Little Richard, a rock legend from the golden era, influenced iconic figures like Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, and Mick Jagger, validating his pivotal role in rock history. With pride, Richard declares, “I am The King and Queen of Rock and Roll.”

Mon, 6/24
6pm Local, USA: American Problems, Trans Solutions (NEW)
Join award-winning journalist Imara Jones as she highlights the stories of three Black trans leaders driving change in America. From housing advocate Kayla Gore to economic empowerment champion Breonna McCree and migrant rights activist Oluchi Omeoga, these individuals are tackling pressing issues despite facing record-breaking anti-trans legislation in 2023.

6:30pm Stories from the Stage: Pride
This episode explores different sources of pride. Palestinian Muslim Eman El-Husseini uses comedy to challenge cultural stereotypes after coming out to her parents. April Hartford finds relief and redemption in living authentically, while Jay Vilar experiences surprising reactions from his family after coming out.

Wed, 6/26
4pm Independent Lens: No Straight Lines
From DIY underground comix scene to mainstream acceptance, meet five queer comics artists whose uncensored commentary on LGBTQ+ life left no topic untouched and explored art as a tool for social change.

Thu, 6/27
5pm America Reframed: Vision Portraits
Acclaimed director Rodney Evans reflects on the impact of his deteriorating vision on his life and filmmaking career. Through interviews with blind and low vision artists—a photographer, a dancer, and a writer—Evans seeks inspiration for his own artistic journey as he navigates the challenges ahead.

Fri, 6/28      
4pm American Masters: James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket
This program offers a comprehensive look at James Baldwin, a towering figure in American literature. Through archival footage and interviews with family and colleagues like Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison, it explores Baldwin’s global impact. Filmed in places pivotal to his life, the documentary highlights his role in the civil rights movement and his profound influence on readers’ understanding of race in America.

“POV: Uyra: The Rising Forest” airs Saturday, June 29 at 4pm on KQED World.

Sat, 6/29
4pm POV: Uyra: The Rising Forest
In the Amazon, Uyra shares ancestral wisdom with Indigenous youth amid Brazil’s political turmoil. Through dance and storytelling, Uyra confronts racism, transphobia, and environmental threats, highlighting the bond between humans and nature.

5pm Independent Lens: Breaking the News
A scrappy group of women and LGBTQ+ journalists buck the white male-dominated status quo, banding together to launch the 19th*, a digital news startup aiming to combat misinformation and include the voices often left out of the American story.


Sun, 6/30
9am Penny: Champion of the Marginalized
“Penny” offers a vibrant portrait of Penny Cooper, a celebrated criminal defense attorney, art collector, and champion of the underdog. Through engaging anecdotes, the documentary captures her journey from the 1940s to the present, highlighting her impact on criminal justice, gender equality, and the art world. Cooper’s resilience and humility have propelled her through challenges, making her a pioneer in social progress for women.

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