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Safety Hearing on San Bruno Explosion Continues in Washington

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Stephanie Martin: Officials with the National Transportation Safety Board continue to criticize PG&E this morning, at a hearing on last year's explosion that killed eight people.

Closer to home, residents in San Bruno are asking for concrete changes from PG&E and regulators.

Bill Magoolaghan's wife and three young children escaped the flames, but their home was destroyed.

On KQED's Forum this morning, he said it's been gratifying to hear federal regulators criticizing PG&E for what happened. But he wants to make sure the final report has teeth.

Bill Magoolaghan: What we really need for them to do is require the CPUC to fine PG&E a very large amount of money, a record fine.

We need them to require that legislation gets passed to make sure that all the things that went wrong don't go wrong again anywhere throughout the nation.

Martin: The hearings are expected to run through midday. San Bruno's mayor and other city officials are in Washington DC for the hearing.

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