Snapshots of Asian America: A Look at the Movement's Spirit and Legacy
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"Philippines Bangon Arise" record album cover from KDP, Union of Democratic Pilipinos. This image reflects how Filipinos felt about the injustices being committed against their people because of martial law, and illustrates their determination in the struggle against it.
Image courtesy of Helen Toribio.

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Holding a Pigeon in My Hand: How Community Organizing Succeeds or Falters


It was then that I met student leaders my age like Lito. Lito would speak to us about inequities. He would meet with us while wearing his tattered rubber slippers, with cracked edges and with the thongs about to fall apart. He told us that our people were poor because of three problems. First, our land was controlled by only 100 families in the Philippines, and their holdings were not shared with the rest that are mostly poor farmers. Second, our businesses were controlled by foreign corporations that remitted eight dollars of profit for every one dollar they invested in the Philippines. Third, we had a government with corrupt officials who allowed these first two problems to persist through their policies.

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