A gallery of audio, video, writing and art by youth mediamakers addressing juvenile justice.

Local Youth Media Gallery

The Beat Within is a weekly printed publication of writing and art coming from juvenile halls and beyond. Presently, The Beat Within conducts almost 40 writing and conversation workshops per week in six juvenile hall facilities around the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Francisco, Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and Napa counties. These voices from within the walls of the system provide the powerful content of The Beat Within. The Beat Within is published by Pacific News Service, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco.
Inside: Poems and prose by youth in juvenile hall.
Girls in the Hall is a community-based public art collaboration created to educate the public about young women's involvement with the juvenile justice system. Girls in the Hall provides a forum for these girls to share their words and artwork with the community. It also provides a place for the community to learn about juvenile justice issues and to respond to the creative work. Girls in the Hall is a project of Bay Area Teen Voices, an alternative education program serving at-risk young women in the Bay Area.
Inside: Art and poetry.
KQED Youth Media Corps' "Juvenile Justice: Discover the Missing Truths" is a Web site and video campaign created in 2001 by members of the Black Student Union at San Francisco's Washington High School. The campaign was designed under the guidance of the KQED Youth Media Corps, in partnership with the Richmond Village Beacon. The KQED Youth Media Corps provides youth with training in media literacy, community advocacy and media production. Participants work with media-makers to create broadcast-quality video and Web projects.
Inside: Interviews with youth working to improve the justice system, poetry, art, opinions and a survey on juvenile justice issues.
Southern Exposure: Mission Voices Summer pairs local artists with teens to explore issues of cultural identity, personal and cultural responsibility, and society. Utilizing video, sculpture, photography and performance, Mission Voices Summer culminates with Grito de la Mission, an evening of music, performance and spoken word at Southern Exposure. During summer 2000, youth participants focused on juvenile justice and selected the theme "On Target" as a response to Proposition 21. The intention of "On Target" was to disassemble stereotypes and create understanding by examining how anti-youth sentiment posits youth as "other" in contemporary society. Mission Voices Summer is a project of Southern Exposure's Artists in Education program, in collaboration with Casa de los Jovenes, Horizons Unlimited and Youth in Action/San Francisco Conservation Corps.
Inside: Art from the "On Target" project.
TILT (Teaching Intermedia Literacy Tools) is a production-based media literacy training program that gives youth and other community members the tools to deconstruct mass media and to create and distribute their own. TILT programs teach the fundamentals of media-making, offering hands-on experience in processes that involve all phases of production -- from brainstorming, scripting and storyboarding to shooting and editing.
Inside: "Alternative Hustle," a short video by youth about juvenile justice.
WireTap is an independent information source by and for socially conscious youth. WireTap showcases investigative news articles, personal essays and opinions, artwork, and activism resources that challenge stereotypes, inspire creativity, foster dialogue and give young people a voice in the media.
Inside: An article on the youth protest against the Alameda "super jail."
The Youth in the Media program is an extension of POOR Magazine's Youth Mentoring program and The Po' Poets Project. Each internship includes extensive creative arts and media training as well as media activism and advocacy focused on addressing and creating media on issues affecting low- and no-income youth. PoorNewsNetwork.org is an online news service of POOR Magazine, a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to providing media access, advocacy and education to very low- and no-income adults and youth locally and globally resisting race and class oppression.
Inside: Three articles on juvenile justice from POOR Magazine.
The Youth Media Council is a youth-organizing, leadership-development, media capacity-building and watchdog project dedicated to amplifying the public voice of marginalized youth and their communities. Made up of representatives from eight Bay Area youth organizations and 15 Oakland young people involved in the Campaign & Research Team, the YMC aims to strengthen the growing youth movement in Northern California. In February 2002, the YMC will release "Speaking for Ourselves: A Youth Assessment of Local News Coverage." The Youth Media Council is a project of We Interrupt This Message.
Inside: A summary and excerpts from the upcoming report, "Speaking for Ourselves: A Youth Assessment of Local News Coverage."
ArtSeed is a charitable arts education organization connecting disadvantaged youth with artists, educators and professional resources. During summer 2000, ArtSeed brought together a diverse group of young students and professional artists for the ArtSeed Summer Camp at Benjamin Franklin Middle School in San Francisco. Students explored how art gives effective form to individual and collective "gods and monsters" and related this theme to injustice within the criminal system. As a response to Proposition 21, students and assisting artists used drawing, painting and print-making techniques to produce an exhibition called "Gods and Monsters" at Southern Exposure, a San Francisco gallery.
Inside: Art from the "Gods and Monsters" exhibit.
Youth Radio trains young people in broadcast and media skills. Through hands-on practice, working relationships with industry professionals, and production of award-winning programming, Youth Radio students learn the basics of broadcasting. In the process, they are exposed to a broad spectrum of media-related careers. Youth Radio also offers training and classes at Camp Sweeney, a juvenile detention facility in San Leandro, California. To hear Camp Sweeney radio shows about Proposition 21 and incarcerated youth, visit www.youthradio.org/about/sweeney.shtml.

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