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Africa in the Picture, a series of recent dramatic films by acclaimed African directors, premieres on public television (distributed by American Public Television) during February 2003, Black History Month (check local listings). The three-part Africa in the Picture series is a groundbreaking event in American television history, marking the first national broadcast of African-produced films.

The series illustrates the rich diversity of styles and genres that African filmmakers are using to address the urgent social issues facing their continent. Viewers will have the opportunity to see films that genuinely represent Africa through African eyes rather than images filtered through Western lenses.

A presentation of KQED Public Television San Francisco, Africa in the Picture is produced by California Newsreel, the distributor of the largest collection of African films in North America. Noted actor and activist Danny Glover hosts the series.

Funding for Africa in the Picture is provided by grants from the Rockefeller Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Black Programming Consortium.

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