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September 9, 2011


News Panel: Obama's jobs proposal, the San Bruno explosion's one year anniversary, and more

President Obama unveils his jobs proposal...will it make any difference for California, the state with the nation's second-highest unemployment rate? As San Bruno marks the one year anniversary of a catastrophic gas explosion and a new blast hits Cupertino, what if anything is PG&E doing to prevent future accidents?


  • Tom Vacar, KTVU Consumer Reporter
  • Paul Rogers, San Jose Mercury News

The 9/11 Generation Comes of Age

In a special preview of the PBS NewsHour special, "America Remembers 9/11," Judy Woodruff reports from California's Central Valley to learn how the lives of young residents more than three thousand miles from ground zero were irrevocably shaped by the events of that day.


"Remember Them: Champions for Humanity" Monument

A major section of what will soon be the largest bronze sculpture in the West is unveiled in Oakland. Artist Mario Chiodo and civil rights figure Ruby Bridges are in studio to discuss the inspiration behind a monument to some of the world's most important humanitarians.


Web Extra: 9/11: Ten Years Later

Head over to the 9/11 anniversary page for all the rest of KQED's special coverage.


Web Extra: Share your thoughts on the legacy of Sept. 11

9/11 has become more than a day in our history. This one event set the tone for an entire decade. It was an experience, a feeling, a turning point. It was a shared moment, but also very personal - all shaped by your own personal history and point of view. Tell us your thoughts on the legacy of Sept. 11.


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