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Prop F: Airbnb Debate, Sanctuary City

Prop F: Airbnb Debate
Proposition F is one of the most contentious initiatives on San Francisco's November ballot. The measure takes aim at Airbnb and other short-term rental services. It would cap short-term rentals at 75 nights per year for each home or apartment and it would require hosts to give the city quarterly reports on how many nights their properties had been rented. It would also allow people to sue neighbors who violate the new rules. Dale Carlson, from ShareBetter SF, a backer of the initiative, and No on F campaign manager Patrick Hannan join Thuy Vu to debate the measure.

Sanctuary City
How closely should local law enforcement be required to work with federal immigration authorities? That question is at the center of a debate over San Francisco's so-called sanctuary city policy, which came under scrutiny in the wake of the fatal shooting of Kate Steinle in July. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is now debating whether to amend the city's policies. On a previous episode of NEWSROOM, Supervisor Mark Farrell had discussed his proposal to change the ordinance. On this week's show, Supervisor David Campos joins Scott Shafer to discuss the legislation he's promoting to reaffirm the city's sanctuary status.


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