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Walls of Silence Part 1 of 2 (#139) Duration: 48:14 STEREO TVPG

Alec Jordan, a 17-year-old schoolboy (a gifted cellist and the pride of his school) is found drowned in suspicious circumstances. He took a blow to the head, and his bloodstream reveals a heavy dose of 'Roofies', the date rape drug.
For Dalziel, this case is an emotional minefield. Ten years ago, he was involved in a road accident in which he knocked down and killed a young woman in front of her husband and son. The woman was the dead boy's mother. Now he has to deal with Alec's father, whose grief is overwhelming and whose bitterness toward Dalziel is stronger than ever.
Feeling a special sense of responsibility, Dalziel digs deep into Alec's school, determined to find the source of the drug which seems to have sent him to his death. In the process he ruffles many feathers, particularly those of the headmaster, Ken Crowley, who is battling against the odds to pilot the school through a crucial OFSTED inspection. Increasing evidence also suggests that Alec was obsessed with the accident which had killed his mother. While Pascoe and the team probe the school - exposing a hotbed of vice and guilty secrets, Dalziel himself becomes obsessed with Alec, knowing that the boy's mind holds the key to his death.

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  • KQED Plus: Sat, Jan 31, 2015 -- 2:00am

Walls of Silence Part 2 of 2 (#140) Duration: 49:45 STEREO TVPG

see description in part 1.

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  • KQED Plus: Sat, Jan 31, 2015 -- 2:49am

Home Truths Part 1 of 2 (#141) Duration: 49:25 STEREO TVPG

A young Sikh woman, Simran Ghataura, is shot dead in a deprived inner-city area, where tensions between the Asian and white communities are running high. The murder sparks riots, with coverage from an unusually aggressive media. Called in to investigate, Dalziel's job is made no easier by the obstruction of local Detective Superintendent Devon, whose reference to Dalziel and his team as "ignorant country plods" doesn't endear her to him.
Although the shooting was apparently motiveless, local politics appears to be the key. Simran was the daughter of Bobby Ghataura, a wealthy businessman keen to win a place on the local council. He and Conservative councillor Tommy Collingwood had been in open conflict, with allegations of racism flying on all sides. Collingwood's son, Paul, is a known racist. A witness comes forward and Tommy's other son, Matthew, is suddenly a prime suspect in the murder hunt. But Matthew, politically opposed to his father, astonishes everyone with a surprising revelation.
Meanwhile relations between Dalziel and Pascoe are at an all-time low. Pascoe has been having a secret affair with a young Asian pathologist, Sally Shetra. He also hasn't told his boss/housemate that he is expecting a visit from his daughter, Rosie. No longer able to trust Pascoe, Dalziel sends him home, transferring much of his attention to PC Surjit, the local community Sikh constable who has been helping him on the case. Could this be the end of a beautiful partnership?

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Home Truths Part 2 of 2 (#142) Duration: 48:17 STEREO TVPG

see description in part 1.

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Secrets of the Dead Part 1 of 2 (#143) Duration: 47:59 STEREO TVPG

Dalziel is in the small Yorkshire village of Stenby, attending the funeral of Fran Lock, the district nurse. Fran was married to Sergeant Ted Lock, a highly respected and long-serving police officer at Dalziel's police station. Their son, Mark, is also has followed in his footsteps and is a detective sergeant on Dalziel's team. Dalziel has his own private grief: unknown to anyone else, he and Fran were once lovers.
When the local solicitor is found murdered, Dalziel investigates (without the help of Pascoe, who is off to Florida to visit his wife and daughter). However, a letter addressed to him, written by Fran on her deathbed, gives him something else to think about. According to the letter, Mark is his son. A stunned Dalziel is suddenly fascinated by his young officer and promotes him to the role of Acting Detective Inspector.
What Dalziel doesn't know is that Mark is already deeply compromised: for years he has known something scandalous about his mother and the local GP, Dr. Silwood, and has been concealing his knowledge to protect his mother's name. But Mark's secret proves fatal, and Dalziel is devastated. He'd drink himself into oblivion - if Pascoe hadn't returned unexpectedly from America to persuade him to stick with it.
Dalziel homes in on Dr Silwood, and soon discovers the truth. It also seems clear that Silwood will stop at nothing to protect his reputation, but he is a slippery customer and Dalziel cannot prove anything - until Ted Lock decides to take his own revenge. The result is another tragedy.

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Secrets of the Dead Part 2 of 2 (#144) Duration: 48:26 STEREO TVPG

see description in part 1.

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