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Explore California's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and other river deltas around the world through a rich, multimedia experience from KQED and the East Bay Regional Park District. Download it for free at iTunes.

Do you make it a regular practice to care for the environment? If so, what do you do? If not, why?

This English Language Learner student-centered, eco-literacy curriculum offers lesson plans linked to KQED/PBS programming and online interactive resources.


QUEST is a multimedia series that strives to deepen our understanding of some of today's most pressing sustainability topics through articles, videos, radio reports, television broadcasts, and educational materials.

Climate Quiz

How do you really feel about climate change?

PBS Kids Earth Resources

Help children celebrate Earth Day with fun nature-related online games and activites at PBS Kids!

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Solar Panels on Roof

KQED is continually taking steps toward being a responsible green corporate citizen.

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Earth Celebration 2014

Earth Day is April 22, but KQED is celebrating our planet all month long. Tune in for special reports, attend events, and find more resources.

QUEST Bike to the Future

Wed, April, 2, 7:30pm Watch Online Now! QUEST: Inventing the Future: Bikes, Bugs and Fashionistas Meet researchers who are building a bicycle-car hybrid, putting flies to work and creating high-fashion out of corn.

Wed, April, 2, 8pm Nature: White Falcon, White Wolf follows two families, a breeding pair of gyrfalcons and a pack of Arctic wolves on Ellesmere Island.

Bitter Seeds

Thu, April, 3, 11pm Bitter Seeds explores how biotechnology is changing how farming is done all over the world.

Sat, April, 5, 6pm Olmsted and America's Urban Parks examines the formation of America's first great city parks through the enigmatic eyes of Frederick Law Olmsted.

Sat, April 6, 6pm California Forever: The History of California State Parks This cultural and historical tour of California's state parks system highlights key events and locales.

Sun, April, 6, 6pm Watch Online Now! Heat and Harvest: Impact of Climate change on California examines how climate change is impacting California agriculture from the Central Valley to the Sacramento Delta.

Bitter Seeds

Sun, April 6, 6:30pm New Environmentalists: From Chicago to Karoo showcases activists who are fighting for environmental justice.

Hydroponic Garden on NYC Rooftop

Mon, April, 7, 11pm Food Forward: Urban Agriculture Across America highlights urban agriculture in Oakland and soil science on rooftops in New York City.

Mon, April, 7, 11:30pm Growing Up Green explores a groundbreaking approach to changing environmental and educational outcomes in schools.

QUEST Hydrogen Car

Wed April, 9, 7:30pm QUEST: Keeping it Cool: Sea Otters, New Cars and Old Forests Discover how sea otters, hydrogen-powered cars and old growth forests are helping to battle climate change.

Nature: My Bionic Pet

Wed, April, 9, 8pm Nature: My Bionic Pet Meet these inspiring disabled animals and the remarkable individuals whose work has helped them live their lives again.

QUEST Wolves

Wed, April, 16, 7:30pm Watch Online Now! QUEST: Back to the Wild: Wolves, Seeds and Snapshots Track a mysterious predator, explore seed preservation and discover landscape photographs that create a deeper understanding of our natural world.

Wed April, 16, 8pm Nature: Touching the Wild Researcher Joe Hutto spends seven years of his life walking among a herd of wild mule deer.

Wed April, 16, 11pm NOVA: Mount St. Helens Back from the Dead looks at Mount St. Helens in the years following the Washington volcano's 1980 eruption, including the return of wildlife and a resurgence in volcanic activity.

California Forever: Parks for the Future

Sat, April, 19, 6pm California Forever: Parks for the Future looks at the challenges state parks are now facing in California, including habitat destruction.

California Fog and Sunset

Sun April, 20, 6pm Rebels with a Cause spotlights dedicated conservationists who fought to preserve open spaces near San Francisco.

California Fog and Sunset

Tue, April, 22, 9pm American Masters: A Fierce Green Fire Robert Redford, Ashley Judd and other stars narrate this exploration of the environmental movement.

Tue April, 22, 11pm Green Fire: Aldo Leopold and a Land Ethic for Our Time explores the life of famed father of conservationism Aldo Leopold.


Wed April, 23, 7:30pm Watch Online Now! QUEST: Reawakening Extinct Species New genetic technologies are making it possible for scientists to attempt de-extinction. Is it right to turn back the clock?

Nature: Snow Monkeys

Wed April, 23, 8pm Nature: Snow Monkeys The Japanese macaque, or snow monkey, survives in winter temperatures below 15 degrees F.

Nighttime Lights

Mon April, 28, 10pm POV: The City Dark is a fascinating look at the science of the dark and an exploration of our relationship to the stars.

Tue, April, 29, 11pm FRONTLINE: Climate of Doubt John Hockenberry goes inside organizations that fought to redefine the politics of global warming.

Wed April, 30, 7:30pm QUEST: America's Energy Future From fossil fuels to renewables, the race is on to find better ways to manage and maximize our energy sources.

Nature: Love in the Animal Kingdom

Wed April, 30, 8pm Nature: Love in the Animal Kingdom reveals the subtle, outrageous and romantic antics of animals.

San Francisco Great Highway

Climate One — From the Commonwealth Club
Rising Seas, Rising Costs
Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 8pm
Swelling sea levels used to be a concern associated with future generations and faraway lands. Then Superstorm Sandy poured the Atlantic Ocean into the New York Subway. Cities and states are starting to realize they need to start planning and paying now for tides heading their way. San Francisco officials have plans to route the Great Highway inland and they need to start thinking about protecting waste water treatment plants, and other non-sexy, but vital infrastructure.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Tentacles — Astounding Lives of Octopuses, Squid and Cuttlefishes
New Exhibit Opens Saturday, April 12, 10am-6pm

Stanford, Precourt Institute for Energy
Connecting the Dots: The Climate, Energy, Food and Water Nexus
Friday, April 18, 2014, 12:30-6:30pm

Earth Day Festival — San Francisco
Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chabot Space and Science Center
Earth Day
Saturday, April 19, 2014, 11am-4pm

Oakland Zoo — Party for the Planet
Saturday, April 19, 2014, 10am-3pm

Topiary Reclining Woman

Earth Day 2014: What You Need to Know About Food and How to Celebrate in the Bay Area On April 22, the Bay Area — and the rest of the country and, presumably, the planet — will celebrate the earth. Fortunately, celebrating Earth Day can be pretty tasty. BAB has gathered local foodcentric events and resources to help you participate in the festivities.

California Academy of Science
Lecture: Extreme Weather & The Science of Super Storms
Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 7:30pm

Science of Sound
Saturday, April 22, 2014, 6:30-8:30pm

Oakland Earth Day
Saturday, April 26, 2014, 9am-noon

Aquarium of the Bay
Earth Day Beach Clean Up
Saturday, April 26, 2014, 9am-noon
Aquatic Park, San Francisco

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
Earth Day Mt. Tamalpais
Saturday, April 26, 2014, 9am-12:30pm

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
Earth Day Stinson Beach
Saturday, April 26, 2014, 11am-3pm

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Lake Donner
Drought Watch 2015: Record-Low Sierra Snowpack

The Sierra Nevada snowpack, which typically supplies nearly a third of California's water, is showing the lowest water content on record: 6 percent of the long-term average for April 1. That shatters last year's low-water mark of 25 percent (tied with 1977).

Yo Yo Ma
"Boomtown" History of the San Francisco Bay Area

KQED's "Boomtown" series will seek to identify what is happening in real time in the current boom, and also draw out the causes and possible solutions to the conflicts and pressures between the old and the new.

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Share Your Ideas

How would you shape the Bay Area if you were in charge of its growth?

Plan the region's future with an interactive tool from Silicon Valley Community Foundation's Envision Bay Area project, a funder of KQED's Miles to Go series.