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Episode #1938

KQED World: Sat, May 21, 2016 -- 3:00 AM

MISSISSIPPI "RELIGIOUS FREEDOM" LAW - Mississippi has enacted a new law that says people of faith can refuse to provide services to gay people if they think such services violate their sincerely held religious beliefs. Supporters of the law insist it will protect religious freedom. Critics say it will permit unconstitutional discrimination. Correspondent Lucky Severson discusses the debate over the law with a chaplain at Millsaps College, a Southern Baptist leader, a professor at the Mississippi College School of Law, and a member of the Mississippi Religious Leadership Conference, among others.
ETHICAL OBLIGATIONS TO DISPLACED PEOPLE - According to the UN, last year some 8 million people around the world were displaced from their homes by conflict and social upheaval - the largest number ever recorded in a single year. This coming week (May 23-24), as the UN convenes the first World Humanitarian Summit, correspondent Kim Lawton talks with prominent Roman Catholic theologian and ethicist Rev. David Hollenbach SJ about the global refugee crisis and the moral obligations he believes the US government and individual Americans have to respond to it.
NEPAL'S HISTORIC TEMPLES - There's a culture clash over repairing the priceless antiquities of Nepal that were badly damaged by last year's earthquake. The world's experts want to restore the buildings as they were. Tourists want to see the historic architectural patina of the icons, temples, and monuments. But, as correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports, many Nepalis are indifferent to the restoration work on the damaged sites that are to them primarily livings places of worship.

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Episode #1937

KQED World: Sat, May 14, 2016 -- 3:00 AM

EVANGELICALS AND CAMPAIGN 2016 - Evangelicals have long been a key constituency for the Republican Party, but this election season they are deeply divided over whether to support presumptive nominee Donald Trump. Tensions escalated this week after Trump got into a social media war of words with a prominent Southern Baptist leader. Host Bob Abernethy and managing editor Kim Lawton discuss the GOP's dilemma over evangelical voters and the search for unity in a sharply divided party.
SAGEBRUSH REBELLION - The armed standoff in Oregon last winter at a national wildlife refuge was part of the widespread and decades-long Sagebrush Rebellion trying to take back federal public lands and put them in the hands of local governments. Who controls the vast, scenic lands in the American West? Correspondent Lucky Severson reports on the interests involved, including the beliefs of sagebrush rebels and frontier Mormons who view the US Constitution as divinely inspired but who hate the government.
JEWS IN COCHIN, INDIA - For 900 years there was a small Jewish community on India's Malabar Coast, living at peace with its Hindu, Muslim and Christian neighbors. It was been a model of interfaith tolerance. But, as Fred de Sam Lazaro reports, the community has dwindled since the state of Israel was established, and now one of the last Jewish survivors, who maintains the local synagogue, says he plans to leave in a few years himself - for Israel. "The coming generation must know that there was a Jewish community here," says Professor C. Karmachandran, who heads a historic committee struggling to preserve Cochin's Jewish heritage.

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Episode #1936

KQED World: Sat, May 7, 2016 -- 3:00 AM

ARBITRATION BY FAITH - Christian arbitration is being required in a growing number of business and employment agreements. Correspondent David Tereshchuk interviews individuals who wanted to take legal action but were bound by their agreements to engage in religious arbitration. He also talks to Bryce Thomas, an attorney and nationally prominent Christian arbitrator who works with the Institute of Christian Conciliation, and to Pepperdine University Law School professor and rabbi Michael Helfand.
FAITH FILMS - Professional filmmakers, many in Nashville, Tennessee, are beginning to make big profits on faith-based low-budget feature films. The production values are high, and the Christian stories they tell are appealing to large audiences, especially when the movies are marketed through churches. Correspondent Dan Lothian says Hollywood is paying attention.
HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE: READING THE NAMES - For Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day (May 5), the US Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC invites volunteers and visitors to read the names of people who were killed during the Holocaust. The ceremony is held each day in the Hall of Remembrance during the museumA's week-long Days of Remembrance commemoration. We spoke with Colleen Grego, a middle school history teacher from Hilton, New York, who read the names of children who perished, and with Zella Shabasson and her son, Michael Rosenberg, who read names of family members who died in the Holocaust.

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Episode #1935

KQED World: Sun, May 1, 2016 -- 12:00 PM

CHRISTIANS COUNTERING ANTI-MUSLIM RHETORIC - There's been a lot of negative campaign language about Islam this election season - calls for banning Muslims from entering the US and for patrolling Muslim neighborhoods. But there are also serious attempts underway to oppose anti-Muslim rhetoric. Kim Lawton reports on efforts in Nashville, TN to counter hateful speech by building personal relationships between Christians and Muslims. She talks with Rev. Josh Graves, pastor of an evangelical mega-church and author of How Not to Kill a Muslim: A Manifesto of Hope for Christianity and Islam in North America, along with Muslim community leaders who are participating in the bridge-building efforts.
EXTRATERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENT LIFE - How would finding extraterrestrial intelligence affect your religious beliefs? What might it tell us about ourselves? What would the theological implications be? Lucky Severson talks with astrobiology experts and theologians, who say for some people, dealing with intelligence out there would take us away from being the center of the universe. For some people that's very threatening, because somehow we won't be as special as we have been. The most important reason to search for extraterrestrials isn't even to find them, but to understand ourselves better. We have assumptions about what it means to be human, what it means to be intelligent, what it means to be civilized. If we have the opportunity to meet someone indirectly through radio signals from another world, that will give us a radically new way of looking at ourselves.
HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR SHABBAT - Jews around the world will commemorate Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, on May 5th. At a time when the number of Holocaust survivors is dwindling, we listen to one survivor, Lola Byron, who shares her story with teenaged Jewish girls at a Sabbath dinner aimed at encouraging future generations to know their history and be proud of the Jewish faith.

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