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Episode #1807

KQED World: Sat, Oct 18, 2014 -- 3:00 AM

EBOLA ETHICS - We talk with George Annas, professor of health law, bioethics, and human rights at Boston University's School of Public Health, about ethical issues, epidemics, and the Ebola virus. "The most important ethical consideration is how we can more vigorously and effectively help the people in West Africa cope with this terrible epidemic there, and how we can protect health care workers here. We can afford to do both quite well," he says.
TRANSGENDERS AND THEOLOGY - We report from Chicago on how churches are responding to transgender people, especially as they become more and more visible in popular culture. At the Urban Village Church in Hyde Park, Rev. Emily McGinley's ministry reaches out to transgender individuals. She says "there's a lot we can learn from our transgender brothers and sisters. But I also think that churches are very unlikely, en masse anyway, to explore the topic, because it's mysterious, and it threatens our ideas of fixed boundaries of identity."
FOOD TRUCK PASTOR - On neighborhood sidewalks in St. Paul, Minnesota, Rev. Margaret Kelly, a Lutheran pastor, brings meals, prayer services, and a sense of community to the hungry and homeless with a food truck church.

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Episode #1806

KQED World: Sat, Oct 11, 2014 -- 3:00 AM

TINY HOUSES FOR THE HOMELESS - In Eugene, Oregon, local faith groups, religious leaders, and volunteers have created Opportunity Village, a community of small houses for the unsheltered homeless. Each house is no more than 10 feet wide and was built with donated materials. Villagers pay just a dollar a night, and there is no cost to taxpayers. Says Rev. Brent Was, rector of the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection in Eugene and a board member of the village, "God is alive in the world, and we need to encounter God in all the places that we encounter the world. Down at the village is another opportunity to see the face of Christ reflected back to you."
JOSHUA BELL - A world-famous violinist, Joshua Bell is the son of a mother who is Jewish and a father who was an Episcopal priest. But Bell says the emphasis on great classical music in their household was "the common denominator" and "the spiritual force." "For me," says Bell, "music has been, in a sense, my religion, and it is what brings me closest to God or truth or whatever you want to call it."
SUKKOT - Rabbi James Michaels of the Hebrew Home of Greater Washington explains the significance of building sukkahs or temporary shelters for eating and worshipping during Sukkot, a harvest festival when Jews recall their ancestors' 40 years of wandering in the desert after their escape from slavery in Egypt. (repeat segment)

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Episode #1805

KQED World: Sat, Oct 4, 2014 -- 3:00 AM

SYNOD ON THE FAMILY - Host Bob Abernethy, managing editor Kim Lawton, and editor-in-chief Kevin Eckstrom set the stage for the Vatican's 2-week gathering of Catholic bishops that begins October 5 to discuss the church and contemporary family life. Among the topics for debate at the synod: marriage, divorce, remarriage, annulments, and cohabitation.
PRISON BEARD - Should an American Muslim convict have the religious liberty to grow a beard? The US Supreme Court will hear arguments in Holt v Hobbs on Tuesday, October 7. This is the first High Court test of the federal law designed to protect the religious freedom of prison inmates. Tim O'Brien reports from the state penitentiary in Grady, Arkansas.
DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS - Fred de Sam Lazaro reports on this pioneering, Nobel-Prize-winning humanitarian group whose mission is "medical care and bearing witness. " But since its inception in 1971, the mission of bearing witness has had to be tempered by real-life considerations, observes medical sociologist Renee Fox, author of a recent book on the organization. "When they were young, they thought witnessing was an unmitigated virtue. As they matured they came to see how complex the ramifications of witnessing might be."

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