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NFL on the Defensive, San Jose & Oakland Mayor Races, Apple Watch (Episode #142H)

KQED 9: Fri, Sep 12, 2014 -- 8:00 PM

NFL On The Defensive
The release of surveillance video showing N.F.L. player Ray Rice punching his then-fiancée and dragging her unconscious body from an elevator has sparked national outrage and an independent investigation into the top brass of the N.F.L. The case resonates in the Bay Area where 49er Ray McDonald was recently arrested following a fight with his pregnant fiancée. McDonald was allowed to the play in the season opener despite the arrest.

• Ann Killion, San Francisco Chronicle

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Tale Of Two Cities: San Jose & Oakland Mayoral Races
Voters are getting ready to cast their ballots in two big mayoral contests in the Bay Area. In San Jose current Mayor Chuck Reed is being termed out. The race there is down to two candidates, Councilmember Sam Liccardo, and Santa Clara County Supervisor and former vice mayor, Dave Cortese. In Oakland incumbent Jean Quan is facing 14 challengers. Both cities are grappling with the high cost of housing, the direction of economic growth and public safety.

• Bob Gammon, East Bay Express
• Scott Herhold, San Jose Mercury News

Apple Watch Tracks Fitness ... & What Else?
This week Apple unveiled its much hyped smart watch. CEO Tim Cook said the list of features on the watch is "a mile long." On that list: maps, Apple's new payment system and numerous fitness and health monitoring features. As technology companies push wearable devices that can collect sensitive personal health information new questions emerge about data security and privacy. KQED News' Joshua Johnson sat down with KQED Senior Science Editor Andrea Kissack for a look at the new Apple watch.

Further Reporting:
Apple Jumps Into Health Monitoring With New Watch

Robert Frank In America
The 1959 publication of Robert Frank's photography book "The Americans" was one of the milestones of 20th-century art -- a creation that changed the world's perception both of art photography and of America itself. Now an exhibit at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University provides new insight into this seminal work, offering a look at dozens of rarely-seen images made by Frank while he was shooting "The Americans," but that were not included in the book. Thuy Vu visited the Cantor to see what new light the exhibit, "Robert Frank in America," sheds on the artist and his process. The exhibit runs through January 5, 2015.

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Gubernatorial Debate, Freshmen Lawmakers & Fall Arts Preview (Episode #141H)

KQED 9: Fri, Sep 5, 2014 -- 8:00 PM

Gubernatorial Debate Gets Contentious
As election season officially begins, our panel delves into California politics and reviews the only scheduled gubernatorial debate before the November 4 election between Gov. Jerry Brown and his Republican opponent, Neel Kashkari. The three-term governor has more money in his campaign chest and a solid lead over political newcomer Kashkari. The two sparred Thursday over education, the economy, high-speed rail and immigration reform.

• John Myers, KQED News
• Carla Marinucci, San Francisco Chronicle
• Corey Cook, University of San Francisco

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Freshmen Lawmakers May Create Change
The freshman class of California legislators is the largest since 1966, the year Ronald Reagan beat Pat Brown for governor. They were elected in 2012, the same year voters relaxed term limits and after new primary rules and political redistricting procedures took effect. As a result, these lawmakers are making an effort to get along, which could lead to real change. At the close of the legislative session, John Myers, Senior Editor of the KQED Politics and Government Desk hears from Assemblymembers on both sides of the aisle -- Democrats Marc Levine and Susan Eggman and Republican Melissa Melendez -- about the new political climate in the state capital.

Fall Arts Preview With "The Do List" Co-Host Cy Musiker
It's September, and theaters, dance companies, music organizations, museums, galleries and artists around the Bay Area are rolling out their schedules of upcoming offerings. We look at what the fall arts season brings -- from Brandi Clark to the Batsheva Dance Company. Cy Musiker, co-host of KQED's weekly arts calendar program The Do List, shares his top picks for local arts and performances.

The full KQED Fall Arts Preview

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