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The Hand That Feeds (Episode #419)

KQED World: Wed, Jun 22, 2016 -- 5:00 AM

At a popular bakery cafe, residents of New York's Upper East Side get bagels and coffee served with a smile 24 hours a day. But behind the scenes, undocumented immigrant workers face sub-legal wages, dangerous machinery, and abusive managers who will fire them for calling in sick. Mild-mannered sandwich maker Mahoma L?pez has never been interested in politics, but in January 2012, he convinces a small group of his co-workers to fight back.

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Before You Know It (Episode #326)

KQED World: Wed, Jun 15, 2016 -- 5:00 AM

With humor and candor, thisprogram celebrates the bold and brave lives of active gay senior citizens who have witnessed unbelievable change in their lifetimes: from the Stonewall Riots and gay liberation to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and gay marriage rights. The film introduces us to Dennis, a gentle-hearted widower in his 70s who explores his sexual identity and fondness for dressing in women's clothing under the name "Dee," and becomes a resident at Rainbow Vista, a gay retirement community outside of Portland, Oregon. In Harlem, New York, we meet Ty, an impassioned activist for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights, who hears nothing but wedding bells once gay marriage legislation passes in New York; and, Robert, known as "The Mouth," who was born and reared in Houston, Texas. The son of a Southern Baptist preacher, Robert always knew he was a "sissy." But in Galveston, Texas, he is a feisty bar owner who presses on when his neighborhood institution is threatened.
Born before the modern gay rights movement, Dennis, Ty and Robert have become pioneers in an unprecedented "out" generation of elders. They are also among the estimated 2.4 million LGBT Americans over the age of 55. While some gay Americans adhered to the cultural norms of earlier times, others became activists and made it their mission to live out, loud and proud. Each has faced discrimination, neglect and exclusion. This film reminds us that while LGBT elders face a specific set of issues, aging and its challenges are universal.

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College Week (Episode #418)

KQED World: Wed, Jun 8, 2016 -- 5:00 AM

Every year Spencer Technology Academy Elementary School, located in the Austin community on the west side of Chicago hosts an annual event called College Week. An insightful and innovative principal, committed teachers, and active parents work together to instill the importance of higher education into the minds of the entire student body. College Week chronicles the stories of three eighth grade students and their respective homeroom teachers as they prepare for and compete in the Seventh Annual College Week event. It investigates the challenges and pressure they face as work together to build brighter futures. The stakes are very high for teacher and even higher for the students.

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The Last Season (Episode #417)

KQED World: Wed, Jun 1, 2016 -- 5:00 AM

Amid the bustling world of central Oregon's wild mushroom hunting camps, the lives of two former soldiers intersect. Roger, a 75 year-old sniper with the us special forces in Vietnam, and Kouy, a 46 year-old platoon leader of Cambodia's Khmer freedom fighters who battled the khmer Rouge, come together each fall to hunt the elusive matsutake mushroom, a rare mushroom prized in Japanese culture and cuisine. However, the pair discover more than just mushrooms in the woods: they find a new life, and livelihood; and, a means to slowly heal the scarring wounds of war. Told over the course of one Matsutake mushroom season, the Last Season is a journey into the woods, into the memory of war and survival, telling a story of family from an unexpected place.

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