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KQED World: Wed, Jun 1, 2011 -- 9:00 AM

This hour documentary follows a Holocaust survivor and her family as they travel from New York City to Poland, revisiting her childhood haunts, seeing the locations of her wartime travails and hearing about the "little" acts of love that kept her alive. Since the film is autobiographical, the family includes the entire production team, filmmakers Doniphan and Nicholas Blair, as well as Doniphan's rebellious teenage daughter Irena, Nicholas' worrywart wife Tania, their joke-cracking gentile father Vachel, and their survivor mother Tonia. In Tonia's hometown of Lodz, Poland, they are confronted by neo-Nazi graffiti, drunks and her eye-witness accounts, filmed exactly where they happened. But it is not all one big bummer: the family enjoys Tonia's stories about life pre-war, goofing around and talking to locals. In fact, assisted by a friendly Polish mayor, they research a wartime-era clue and find where their Polish family was murdered. Then they follow Tonia's wartime route, first to Auschwitz, where the film artfully evokes the death camp experience, then to camps in Germany and Austria. Along the way, drama ensues when Doniphan asks the family to wear Jewish stars and march through a German town. Irena refuses but comes to her own understanding later. In another one of the film's performance pieces, the family gives away bread in Pilsen, Czech Republic, to honor the good Samaritans who fed Tonia there during the war. The film concludes on this theme: Kindness is an existential counter force to atrocity.

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  • KQED World: Wed, Jun 1, 2011 -- 12:00 PM
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