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Mark Trautwein

A Unique Perspective on Perspectives

As the editor of Perspectives — KQED's series of listener commentaries — Mark Trautwein has the enviable job of handing out a cool experience to good people.

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Sasha Khoka, Susie Racho, Scott Shafer

New Voice on The California Report Is Making Her Mark

When Queena Kim went on the air in early 2015 as the morning host-reporter for The California Report, she made a significant job change, but not much of a physical move. Before January, she'd been the senior reporter covering technology and Silicon Valley for Los Angeles-based Marketplace, but she was working out of the KQED studios.

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Renée Montagne

The News You Need to Be Connected to Your World

Not only is Morning Edition the most-listened-to news radio program in the country, but it's also NPR's only 24-hour show — and the only one with hosts on both coasts. Renée Montagne, who hosts from NPR West in Culver City, CA, graciously took time near the end of her workday (8:30am) to talk about the show, her role and her idea of a perfect day in San Francisco.

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Holly Kernan

Meet Holly Kernan — KQED's Executive Editor for News

In fall 2014, Holly Kernan returned to KQED — after more than a decade as KALW's news and public affairs director — to take the position of executive editor for news. As head of the KQED's news division, she's responsible for managing the newsroom (on radio, television and online) and presiding over its growth.

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Stephanie Martin Taylor

Turning the Microphone on Stephanie Martin Taylor

Stephanie Martin Taylor has been "all over the clock" since she began working at KQED almost nine years ago. First she was the starting as the evening radio news anchor and moving next to morning anchor. Around the time of the recession, she was part of a KQED show called California Money before becoming midday anchor, then evening again and midday again.

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Joshua Johnson

In Conversation with Joshua Johnson

The morning voice of KQED News took time from one of his "consistently inconsistent" days to talk about his job, new projects on the horizon and why now, more than ever, KQED wants to hear from you.

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Mina Kim

Meet the New Host of Friday Forum

Talking to Mina Kim about her job as KQED Public Radio's evening new anchor/reporter, it quickly becomes clear that she is passionate about it and appreciates the opportunities she gets to try new things. Just days after our conversation, she was given a new opportunity — to be the host of Friday Forum beginning in late October 2014.

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Sasha Khoka, Susie Racho, Scott Shafer

Covering the Central Valley

Ask most Californians from the coast, and they probably have the vague notion that the Central Valley is hot and that their food comes from here. But it's a much more complex place than you might think. Sasha Khokha, KQED's Central Valley bureau chief explains that "It's a place with many identities, a place that can't be pinned down. But you have to get off the highway to really tell its stories."

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Peter Sagal

The Making of An Oddly Informative News Quiz

When he was told that tickets for the three Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me shows at San Francisco's Nourse Theater in July sold out in six hours, host Peter Sagal wasn't particularly surprised. As you can imagine, the Bay Area is a pretty good place for us. It's fertile ground for public radio listeners," he noted. Find out more about how Wait Wait is created each week, what might surprise longtime listeners about coming to see a live show and if Peter has a favorite segment.

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Rachael Myrow

The California Report Host Reflects, Looks Ahead

After seven years as a host and reporter for the weekday morning broadcast of The California Report on KQED Public Radio, Rachael Myrow is taking a new position in October 2014 as reporter for KQED's Silicon Valley News Desk in San Jose, covering a wide range of topics in the South Bay region, including government, the economy, diverse communities, technology and culture. Before Rachael left San Francisco, she answered a few questions about her time so far at KQED.

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Dan Brekke

At the Helm of News Fix

If you visit on a regular basis, chances are good that you read News Fix — one of our website's top three most-viewed pages. And while the news stories come from a variety of sources, the byline visitors see most often is that of Dan Brekke. Now's your chance to learn more about the man behind the blog.

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Stuart Krasnow

Genealogy Roadshow Comes to San Francisco

From presidential progeny to felonious forebears, family secrets are uncovered this fall across the United States in PBS' new series Genealogy Roadshow. Executive producer Stuart Krasnow spoke to KQED about what drew him to the project, why they picked the four cities they visited and more.

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San Francisco Opera's Aida

San Francisco Opera Returns for Fourth Season on KQED

The fourth season of the acclaimed series co-produced by KQED and the San Francisco Opera includes four spectacular productions performed by world-class singers. David Gockley, general director of the San Francisco Opera, spoke to On Q's editor about the 2013 season.

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Michael Krasny in studio

Michael Krasny Celebrates 20 Years as Forum Host

Twenty years ago, Václav Havel was elected president of the Czech Republic and Ruth Bader Ginsburg was joining the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC. Closer to home, 1993 was the year Professor Michael Krasny joined KQED as the host of Forum. This summer, Michael graciously took his turn as an interview subject.

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Irene Noguchi, Dan Zoll, Judy Campbell

Forum Behind the Scenes — Senior Editor Dan Zoll

If you're a Forum fan, you certainly know the names Michael Krasny and Dave Iverson. The name Dan Zoll, maybe not so much. But without Dan and the rest of the Forum team, the show certainly wouldn't be on KQED Public Radio each weekday morning. Dan stepped away from checking Forum emails to answer some questions about himself and his job.

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Guy Raz

New Host, New Sound for TED Radio Hour

When On Q's editor spoke to Guy Raz in February, he and his team were working feverishly to finish the first episode of the TED Radio Hour (which aired on KQED Public Radio on March 1), drinking 5-Hour Energy and not getting enough sleep. "It's like being at a startup," he said. "What I imagine a startup must be like."

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Jeremy Pivens

Meet Mr. Selfridge

Jeremy Piven stars as the upstart American who taught the English how to shop on Mr. Selfridge, a new eight-part Masterpiece Classic series created by award-winning writer Andrew Davies, premiering March 31, 2013 on KQED 9. Piven recently talked about his first television stint since his Golden Globe– and Emmy–award winning role as Ari Gold in Entourage.

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Belva Davis

Below Stairs

The characters above stairs at Downton Abbey often seem to get much of the attention — the women certainly get the better costumes. How about hearing from someone who spends most of her time below stairs? Actress Lesley Nicols spoke candidly to KQED about how she came to get the role of Downton’s bossy cook, how she prepared for the role, her (lack of) home cooking skills and about being recognized at Starbucks in Los Angeles.

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Belva Davis

The End of an Era — Belva Davis Retires from KQED

Belva Davis finally has some time to breathe as she sits down to talk at the KQED studios. She's recently returned from the 2012 national political conventions and is looking ahead to her final broadcast as host of This Week in Northern California on November 9, 2012. Belva smiles, "I hope it turns out to be interesting and not a teary messy muddle."

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Ingrid Becker

A Look Inside The California Report

Ingrid Becker is the senior producer for KQED Public Radio's statewide news service The California Report, which can be heard on 29 radio stations across the state. She spoke to On Q about her career path, what makes a good story and how her job has changed over the past decade.

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Frederica von Stade

Frederica von Stade and the Power of Music

Opera star Frederica von Stade hosts the third season of KQED's co-productions with San Francisco Opera. This year's operas — The Magic Flute, Salome, Il Trittico and Otello — air Thursdays at 8pm, September 20–October 11, 2012. The mezzo-soprano spoke to On Q's editor about her career and her involvement in Bay Area youth music education programs.

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Opera airdates and more "Opera on KQED"

Alan Cheuse

Cheuse Reviews

Alan Cheuse wears a number of professional hats. Trained as a literary scholar, he's been reviewing books on All Things Considered since the 1980s and splits his time between the coasts. He spends nine months of the year in Washington, D.C., where he teaches writing at George Mason University, and writing during the summers in Santa Cruz. He graciously offered himself up as an interview subject

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Downton Abbey - Mary and Matthew

The Lowdown from Downton Abbey

In August 2011, as filming of Downton Abbey's second season was wrapping up, Dan Stevens, Elizabeth McGovern, and Michelle Dockery spent several days visiting the West Coast. During their whirlwind trip to San Francisco, they spoke with On Q's editor about their experiences filming the series. Find out what they did to prepare for their roles, which is their favorite room in the Downton house, and which question they're most tired of being asked.

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Kwan Booth talks with a woman while covering 2010 Freshfest for Oakland Local.

A New Telling of a Classic Tale

San Francisco Ballet received choreographer/director John Neumeier's rare permission to present the American premiere of The Little Mermaid in March 2010. The ballet—as much theater as it is dance—takes the performers and the audience into deep emotional terrain. It premieres on public television stations across the country in December 2011. San Francisco Ballet prima ballerina Yuan Yuan Tan spoke to KQED about her experience as the Mermaid.

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Pearl Jam

The Untold Story of a Great American Rock Band

Coming to public television in October 2011, Pearl Jam Twenty is a definitive portrait of the seminal rock band, created by award-winning director and music journalist Cameron Crowe. In a recent interview, band members discussed their early musical influences.

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Girl on iPad

MindShift: Exploring the Future of Education

As students and teachers return to school, some will be in the classroom reading from books and writing on blackboards (true, it's more likely white boards these days) as educators and children have done for generations. Others, however, will be sharing information on iPads, watching instructional videos on YouTube, and studying using apps on their smartphones—often using technology developed by companies in Silicon Valley

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La Boheme

The Opera Returns to KQED

Celebrated sopranos, renowned tenors, and beloved baritones return to KQED for a second run of San Francisco Opera productions, recorded live in high definition at the War Memorial Opera House. The 2011 series features Giacomo Puccini’s La Bohème and Tosca and Gaetano Donizetti’s Lucia de Lammermoor and The Elixir of Love.

We spoke to David Gockley, general director of San Francisco Opera, about changes that have come to opera since filming began and about the series.

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Kwan Booth talks with a woman while covering 2010 Freshfest for Oakland Local.

KQED News Partnerships Bring You More Bay Area Coverage

KQED News is participating in Networked Journalism, a national program connecting established news organizations with blogs in their communities. KQED community news coordinator Molly Samuel took some time to discuss the program and how it will help keep you informed about what's happening in all corners of the Bay Area.

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CA Watch Reporters

Keeping Watch on News in California

The investigative team at California Watch has partnered with KQED for several insightful reports, and continues to shed light on issues that are at times overlooked by other media outlets. Michael Montgomery, a producer-reporter for KQED News and California Watch, recently answered some questions about the organization and its work.

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Mark Samels

American Experience

Mark Samels has been the executive producer of American Experience since 2003. Produced by WGBH/Boston, American Experience is television's most-watched and longest running history series. During a visit to San Francisco, Mark took time to talk about the series and its current (23rd) season.

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Scott Shafer

From City Hall to KQED

Scott Shafer is a trusted voice of the news on KQED Radio. He provides insightful analysis and in-depth coverage of important issues as host and reporter for weekly newsmagazine The California Report. But Scott hasn't always been a radio host. Learn about his path to radio and what he does when he's not behind the mic.

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Jon Brooks. Photo credit: Christiana Ceppas

Get Your News Fix

News Fix is KQED’s weekday blog about events and stories impacting the Bay Area and beyond. It draws from the growing number of websites, blogs, and online resources covering Northern California and adds the expert reporting and analysis of KQED journalists.

Jon Brooks is News Fix’s editor, host, chief blogger, and Bay Area newshound, searching for what’s news in the region. He took time from a busy day to answer a few questions.

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Kitchen Sisters

The Hidden World of Girls

The Kitchen Sisters, Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva, are award-winning independent producers who have been working together in the Bay Area for more than 25 years. They are now hard at work on a new year-long multimedia series exploring the hidden world of girls. Find out more in a conversation with Davia.

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Robert Stone

Earth Days

Earth Days—acclaimed documentary director Robert Stone's latest project—premieres on KQED at 9pm on Thursday, April 22, 2010. Stone talked to KQED about the making of the film and his hopes for the future.

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Jim Lehrer

The New NewsHour

On December 7, 2009 The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer will re-launch with a new look, a new correspondent, and a new program title: PBS NewsHour.

Jim Lehrer recently shared his thoughts about the upcoming changes in a short question and answer session.

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Robert Stone

View from the Director's Chair

Robert Stone has developed an international reputation over the last 20 years, with a range of unique and critically acclaimed feature documentaries about American history, pop culture, and the mass media. He spoke to KQED about his career path, Civilian Conservation Corps—his newest film for American Experience, and the modern environmental movement.

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Miller Bros

Either You're In or You're in the Way

Logan and Noah Miller were working-class twentysomethings chasing big baseball dreams when their homeless, alcoholic father died in Marin County Jail. Against considerable odds, the tenacious twins parlayed their grief into a film, and now the book Either You're In or You're in the Way. They open up about their hard-won success and the personal events that led them to it.

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Doug McConnell

On the Road with Doug McConnell

KQED is proud to welcome Doug McConnell to the public television family with OpenRoad, a new weekly series focusing on the entire West—from Alaska to Mexico and the Rockies to Hawaii. Learn more about Doug's early travels, his favorite park and his biggest honor. (Hint: It involves an official ranger hat.)

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Wayne Thiebaud

In Conversation with Wayne Thiebaud

His iconic still lifes pay homage to America's favorite foods, and his insights into the theory of painting have influenced generations of students. At age 88, Wayne Thiebaud still paints every day.

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Kristi Yamaguchi

A conversation with Kristi Yamaguchi, host of "Great Performances Dance in America: San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker"

Kristi Yamaguchi speaks about her own family holiday traditions, her experience on Dancing with the Stars, and her Always Dream Foundation. Watch Kristi host the television premiere of the San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker on December 17, 8pm on KQED TV 9.

Watch video of the full conversation

Jacques Pepin

One on One with Jacques Pépin

Jacques Pépin, one of today's most respected chefs and teachers, returns to public television with Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way. Find out what Jacques had to say about current and future projects, cooking at home and more.

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Elizabeth Farnsworth and Patricio Lanfranco

Exhuming History with "The Judge and The General"

With The Judge and the General, Bay Area filmmaker Elizabeth Farnsworth and co-director Patricio Lanfranco vividly portray the kind of character transformation that alters not just an individual's life, but the course of history. Read an interview with Elizabeth Farnsworth.

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