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Visions provides valuable financial and estate planning ideas.

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Summer 2013 Newsletter Contents:

  • We feature the story of Margaret Hock, Berkeley resident and City College of San Francisco instructor. This portrait, created with help from her friends and colleagues, shows how one person can quietly touch many lives. (p. 1)
  • In response to the new 2013 tax law, we offer valuable estate planning tips in Estate Planning Still Essential for All. (p. 2)
  • We give tribute to KQED volunteer, supporter and loyal friend, Dale O'Rourke, who used his investments to support his favorite charities. (p. 2)
  • We gratefully recognize the generous individuals who together left KQED nearly $5.4 million in Endowment gifts last year. (p. 3)
  • Learn what happened at last October's Legacy Society Tea honoring Belva Davis. (p. 3)
  • Review KQED Radio's new midday line-up. (p. 4)

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Visions Archives


Visions Newsletter

Summer 2010 Newsletter Contents:

  • Bringing Communities Together
  • Navigating Estate Planning Limbo
  • The News Is News
  • Program Notes

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Visions Newsletter

Fall 2009 Newsletter Contents:

  • A Librarian's Legacy
  • A Charitable Gift Annuity Quiz
  • It Can Be So Easy...
  • Program Notes

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Visions Newsletter

Spring 2009 Newsletter Contents:

  • "I Get It All From KQED"
  • Planning in Challenging Times
  • Program Notes

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Fall 2008 Newsletter Contents:

  • A KQED Member's Gift Annuities Help Inform Northern California
  • The Charitable Gift Annuity — Three In One
  • Climate Watch

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Spring 2008 Newsletter Contents:

  • Pioneering botanist benefits KQED and KTEH
  • Eight Ways to a Better Estate Plan
  • Program Notes

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Fall 2007 Newsletter Contents:

  • World War II Survivor Leaves Generous Gift to KQED
  • Lighten Your Tax Burden With A Gift Annuity
  • NCPB Produces Companion Documentaries to The War
  • Program Notes

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Fall 2006 Newsletter Contents:

  • Charitable Gift Annuities Ensure Results
  • Immigration in Focus

Download Visions, Fall 2006 (PDF, 4 pgs)

Spring 2006 Newsletter Contents:

  • Two Stylish Ladies Benefit KQED
  • Ocean Adventures on KQED
  • Revisiting the 1906 Earthquake
  • Recent Estate Gifts

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Fall 2005 Newsletter Contents:

  • Rethinking Retirement Plans
  • New Local Shows
  • Donor Profile
  • Today's Interns, Tomorrow's Stars

Download Visions, Fall 2005 (PDF, 4 pgs)

Spring 2005 Newsletter Contents:

  • Endowment: It Keeps Giving and Giving
  • Behind the Scenes with CEO Jeff Clarke
  • Recent Estate Gifts

Download Visions, Spring 2005 (PDF, 4 pgs)

Fall 2004 Newsletter Contents:

  • Life Income For You, A Generous Gift For Us
  • 2004 Election Coverage
  • Catch KQED on the Web

Download Visions, Fall 2004 (PDF, 4 pgs)

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