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Adam Schiff, Trumps First Year, Womens March, W. Kamau Bell
First, Newsroom talks to Congressman Adam Schiff about the latest news in the ongoing investigation into possible Russian meddling in the 2016 elections, including the refusal of Steve Bannon to divulge information, Trumps former chief strategist, to answer questions. Then a political analysis of Trump's First Year. Theyll look at the key issues and controversial decisions that have marked President Donald Trumps first year in office as Congress faces a deadline to keep the government funded. Plus, a year ago, millions of women gathered around the world for The Womens March. They rallied for womens rights and protested President Trumps inauguration. The first anniversary is this weekend and the show talks to the organizers about whether women are stepping into the political arena and what their goals are. Finally, comedian and CNN host W. Kamau Bell talks about teaming up with the Oakland Symphony to bring his musical playlist to a wider audience.

Sun, Jan 21, 2018 -- 9:00pm

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