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Invasion of the Bunny Lovers, Part 1/Invasion of the Bunny Lovers, Part 2
*Part 1 - Mr. Big and Dr. Two Brains team up to create a plan to control the minds of everyone in the city.Their plan seems to be working and turning everyone into zombies! Scoops is on the scene to get the story, but will he get the surprise of his life when he sees Becky turn into WordGirl to save him from the evil mind control? Vocabulary Words: Delightful, Innovative.
* Part 2 - Mr. Big and Dr. Two Brains have managed to turn the enitre town into mind controlled zombies - everyone except for Scoops and WordGirl! Now that Scoops knows Becky's big secret will he write the biggest story of his career? Or will he help his friend outsmart the villains before they take their mind control scheme and take over the whole world??? Vocabulary Words:Confidential, Global.

Sat, Apr 25, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Sun, Apr 26, 2015 -- 1:30am

Fortune Crookie/Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Crime
* Fortune Crookie - When Seymour Smooth's latest show is cancelled, the desperate host must come up with a plan to get some quick cash. Meanwhile, Becky is suspicious when the townspeople start giving their hard-earned money to a mysterious object that claims to know the future. Will WordGirl be able to connect Seymour to the scam and help the townspeople get their money back? Vocabulary Words: Predict, Enthrall.
* Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Crime - When Becky and Mr. Botsford head into the forest to find an important ingredient for their Bold Botsford Stew they run into trouble! Dr. Two Brains and his henchmen are also searching for Bold Botsford Basil to complete a stolen recipe. Will WordGirl step in to make sure all's fair in the forest? Vocabulary Words: Concoction, Elusive.

Sat, Apr 25, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Sun, Apr 26, 2015 -- 5:30am

Dr. Two Brains, Mr. Cheese/Kitty Cat Criminals
* Dr. Two Brains, Mr. Cheese - Fed up with his henchmen, Dr. Two Brains begins the search for a new sidekick. He's thrilled to find Mr. Cheese, who seems to be perfect for the job, but soon regrets the decision as Mr. Cheese takes control and makes Dr. Two Brains HIS sidekick! Will Dr. Two Brains agree to take orders from a tiny, evil mouse? Will WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face stop the evil pair before it's too late? Vocabulary Words: Command, Location/Locate.
* Kitty Cat Criminals - When The Butcher and Chuck join forces, they have a surprisingly hard time coming up with a meat-and-sandwich related crime to commit. Stumped, they discover an opportunity to steal feline artifacts and memorabilia, prompting Chuck to bring back his former alter-ego, The Hansome Panther and the Butcher to take on the identity of his former sidekick Lil' Mittens! Will WordGirl be too distracted jazzing up her own costume to outsmart the duo and once again save the day? Vocabulary Words: Ornamental, Feline.

Sun, Apr 26, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Mon, Apr 27, 2015 -- 1:30am

Go Gadget Go/Emergency Plan #999
* Go Gadget Go - TJ and his friend Johnson both think they are WordGirl's #1 fan and they compete to prove it! When WordGirl challenges them to each come up with a new gadget to help her fight crime, Johnson accepts help from Tobey! Will the device made by Johnson and Tobey help WordGirl or will it be another one of Tobey's tricks to try to control her? Vocabulary Words: Brainstorm, Gadget. < br />* Emergency Plan #999 - It's TJ to the rescue!?! When Dr. Two Brains captures Captain Huggy Face and forces WordGirl to remember all 998 of her emergency plans to get him back, WG realizes she needs help. WordGirl calls on her biggest fan, who just happens to be her little brother to help her. When Dr. Two Brains refuses to play fair, however, it becomes a Botsford family effort to save the day! Vocabulary Words: Courageous, Stunt.

Sun, Apr 26, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Mon, Apr 27, 2015 -- 5:30am

It's Your Party and I'll Cry if I Want To/Becky's Bad-itude
* It's Your Party and I'll Cry if I Want To - Becky discovers that Violet and Scoops were invited to Katy's birthday party while she wasn't, and she can't help but feel a little left out. When Tobey sends his robots out on a citywide rampage, destroying everything in their path, Becky realizes she might not be the only one who wasn't on Katy's invite list. Can Beck- I mean, WordGirl lift her classmate's robotic spirits before he ruins the birthday party? Vocabulary Words: Rampage, Sensitive.
* Becky's Bad-itude - Not only are Vanilly and Billy a pair of outer space rock 'n roll ninjas, they're the stars of the most popular TV show at Becky's school, and anybody who is anybody is has tickets to their concert. Thanks to Mr. Botsford, Becky has tickets, too - to The Squishy Funbots Rollerama. At the concert, Becky, embarrassed, tries her hardest not to be seen, but when Dr. Two-Brains crashes the Funbots concert, WordGirl must come out of hiding. Can WordGirl stop Two-Brains in his cheesy tracks? And will Becky ever admit that she likes Squishy Funbots, even a little bit? Vocabulary Words: Juvenile, Lack.

Mon, Apr 27, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Tue, Apr 28, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sat, May 2, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Sun, May 3, 2015 -- 1:30am

You Can't Crush City Hall/Two Brain Highway
Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy is threatening to smush City Hall with his giant sandwich press... unless WordGirl can guess his secret code-word in time! WordGirl must track down Dr. 2-Brains after he escapes from the Prison Warden's life-size maze, the same week there just happens to be lots of rare cheese to steal from events around town.

Mon, Apr 27, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Tue, Apr 28, 2015 -- 5:30am
Thu, Apr 30, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Fri, May 1, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sat, May 2, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Sun, May 3, 2015 -- 5:30am

Tobey Or Consequences/High Fat Robbery
Tobey or Consequences: While Tobey has a babysitter, WG and Tobey get into a battle of words on a real-live match of the game show "Crash or Pie." Vocabulary Words: Enormous. Bicker. High Fat Robbery: The Butcher is hosting free barbecues as diversions to help him carry out his crimes; WordGirl takes him down, after discovering his meaty powers are neutralized by tofu! Vocabulary Words: Impressive/Diversion.

Tue, Apr 28, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Wed, Apr 29, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sun, May 3, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Mon, May 4, 2015 -- 1:30am

A Few Words from Wordgirl/Ears to You
* A Few Words from Wordgirl - The school is gearing up for Inspiration Day, and since WordGirl's heroic actions always uplift the town's citizens, the Principal asks WordGirl to make the keynote speech at the event. WordGirl agrees but immediately begins to feel the pressure. People are expecting a lot from her speech, and even though she can always be counted on to provide a word's definition, can WordGirl really use her words to inspire people? Vocabulary Words: Dawdle, Inspiration.
* Ears to You - Mr. Big is up to his mind-control tricks once again, this time through the use of some ultra adorable Squishy Bunny Ears. When Becky sees the Ears for sale, she scoffs, "Who wants to wear those?" Turns out, Mr. Botsford does, and as soon as he puts them on, he causes a citywide craze. People start buying up all of Mr. Big's Squishy Bunny Ears. It's BUN-demonium. Can WordGirl figure out Mr. Big's latest trick before the whole town is under his mind control? Vocabulary Words: Original, Laughable.

Tue, Apr 28, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Wed, Apr 29, 2015 -- 5:30am
Fri, May 1, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Sat, May 2, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sun, May 3, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Mon, May 4, 2015 -- 5:30am

First One to Win Wins/A Little Bigger WordGirl
* First One to Win Wins - At the Botsford house, TJ has turned everything into an impossible competition, causing Becky to grow more and more frustrated every time she loses. When the Butcher steals Mrs. Von Hoosinghaus' prize poodle, Becky is eager to suit up as WordGirl and finally claim victory. But is it possible WordGirl might actually lose to the Butcher? Or will she discover that there are more important things than being the winner? Vocabulary Words: Victor, Fume.
* A Little Bigger WordGirl - Uh oh! WordGirl is captured by Dr. Two-Brains. However, just when Two-Brains is about to shrink WordGirl to the size of a mouse, his plan backfires, and WordGirl becomes bigger, not smaller. Though her bigger size allows her to break free from Two-Brains, she quickly realizes that she can no longer control her super powers. Does this mean Two-Brains can finally take control of the city, and WordGirl is helpless to stop him? Vocabulary Words: Elongate, Adjust.

Wed, Apr 29, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Thu, Apr 30, 2015 -- 1:30am

Coupon Madness/When Life Gives You Potatoes....
Coupon Madness - Granny May goes on a crime spree by using her coupons printing-press to get things for free... WordGirl has to track her down and foil her plan. When Life Gives You Potatoes. . . Dr 2-Brains has escaped from prison again! WordGirl must find him before he perfects his latest weapon... a ray that can turn gold into cheese. (Luckily, so far, he's only succeeded in turning gold into potato salad.)

Wed, Apr 29, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Thu, Apr 30, 2015 -- 5:30am
Mon, May 4, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Tue, May 5, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sat, May 9, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Sun, May 10, 2015 -- 1:30am

El Queso Mysterioso/Putt with Honor
* El Queso Mysterioso - It's the day of the Magical Magicians Convention, and the entire Botsford family is excited to go and see their favorite magician, El Mysterioso, perform live. Everyone except Becky, that is, who would much rather be at the Pretty Princess book signing across the street. But Mr. Botsford emphasizes how important it is that they spend the day as a family. In the middle of the convention, Becky's super hearing picks up the sound of Dr. Two-Brains evil cackle from across the city. What could he be up to? Something criminal, no doubt. Can Becky figure out a way to suit up as WordGirl without missing out on family time and disappointing her father? Vocabulary Words: Illusion, Influence.
* Putt with Honor - TJ Botsford is mere hours away from winning the local mini golf tournament and getting his picture on Patrick Needlemeyer's Miniature Golf Super Universe Wall of Fame (which is only the biggest deal ever) . When Becky catches Eileen cheating - "I have to win because it's my birfday!" - she knows she has to stop her.She can't let TJ lose to Eileen! But what lengths will Becky go to prevent Eileen from winning? Will she go so far as to cheat herself? Vocabulary Words: Concentrate, Tournament.

Thu, Apr 30, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Fri, May 1, 2015 -- 5:30am
Tue, May 5, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Wed, May 6, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sun, May 10, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Mon, May 11, 2015 -- 1:30am

Jerky Jerk/Becky's Birthday
JERKY JERK: When Becky/WG's class takes a trip to the local museum, she must stop the Butcher from stealing their famous artifact: the ancient Beef Jerky of Supreme Power. Vocabulary Words: Clumsy/Supreme. BECKY'S BIRTHDAY: WG/Becky battles an expanding Energy Monster while her parents plan a surprise birthday party for Becky. Vocabulary Words: Appetite/Expand.

Fri, May 1, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Sat, May 2, 2015 -- 5:30am
Wed, May 6, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Thu, May 7, 2015 -- 1:30am

Kid Math, Part 1/Kid Math, Part 2
* Kid Math, Part 1 - Turns out there's a new kid superhero in Fair City - Kid Math! From the planet Hexagon! And because his is from another planet, he is a little... well... clueless as to how to be a superhero on the planet Earth. He doesn't really understand the whole secret identity thing, and his crime fighting methods are a bit strange. Will Kid Math accidentally let Dr. Two-Brains get away with his plan to turn the entire city into cheese, or even worse, will he reveal WordGirl's real identity? Vocabulary Words: Calculate, Equal/Equation, Reproduce, Hint.
Kid Math, Part 2 - Becky Botsford (aka WordGirl) is trying to teach Rex (aka Kid Math) what it really means to be a superhero, that it is about protecting the town's citizens, not just defeating villains. And Rex's re education isn't exactly going as planned. Can WordGirl get Kid Math into fighting shape in time to stop Dr. Two-Brains from zapping the entire city with his cheese ray, or will the city she loves become Dr. Two-Brains' next snack? Vocabulary Words: Calculate, Equal/Equation, Reproduce, Hint.

Mon, May 4, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Tue, May 5, 2015 -- 5:30am
Thu, May 7, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Fri, May 8, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sat, May 9, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Sun, May 10, 2015 -- 5:30am

Tobey's Masterpiece/Chuck The Nice Pencil-Selling Guy
TOBEY'S MASTERPIECE: After Tobey fails to paint a masterpiece in art class, Tobey's robot turns out to be a great artist in its own right. CHUCK THE NICE PENCIL-SELLING GUY: Chuck, freed from jail, tries to go straight - but when he finds out his new boss doesn't like sandwiches, he snaps and takes him captive. WordGirl must broker a compromise to save the day.

Tue, May 5, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Wed, May 6, 2015 -- 5:30am
Fri, May 8, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Sat, May 9, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sun, May 10, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Mon, May 11, 2015 -- 5:30am

Chuck!/Down with Word Up
CHUCK!: Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy tries to steal gold instead of sandwiches, which is confusing to everyone else. WG must decide which is a bigger threat to the city - Chuck's crimes, or Mr. Botsford's strange-smelling traditional family recipe. DOWN WITH WORD UP: The clever villain Granny May tricks the townspeople to turn against WordGirl - providing a cover for her latest crime spree. WordGirl must save the town and turn public opinion back to her side.

Wed, May 6, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Thu, May 7, 2015 -- 5:30am
Mon, May 11, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Tue, May 12, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sat, May 16, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Sun, May 17, 2015 -- 1:30am

Book Ends/Mr. Big
BOOK ENDS: When WordGirl accuses Tobey of being too predictable with his crimes, he responds by using his robots to hold WG's beloved town library hostage, unless she plays them in a game of winner-take-all dodge ball. MR. BIG: Mr. Big, a slick business man up to no good, introduces his new product: "The Thing" that does "stuff". WordGirl must figure out his secret motive and save the city.

Thu, May 7, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Fri, May 8, 2015 -- 5:30am
Tue, May 12, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Wed, May 13, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sun, May 17, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Mon, May 18, 2015 -- 1:30am

Super-Grounded/Mouse Army
SUPER-GROUNDED: Becky is grounded for not cleaning her room; when she sends Captain Huggy Face in WG's place to battle the Butcher, he feels like chopped liver. MOUSE ARMY: Dr... 2-Brains has created an army of super-smart mice - but they've become too smart! WordGirl must step in and save the city before the mice take over.

Fri, May 8, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Sat, May 9, 2015 -- 5:30am
Wed, May 13, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Thu, May 14, 2015 -- 1:30am

The Birthday Girl/Granny-Sitter
THE BIRTHDAY GIRL: WordGirl meets The Birthday Girl - a spoiled brat who enlarges when she doesn't get her way. WG's only hope is to use Violet's help to teach her to be generous. GRANNY-SITTER: Granny May answers an ad to be the Botsford's new babysitter - so she can have an alibi for her latest crime. But she didn't plan on babysitting WordGirl!

Mon, May 11, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Tue, May 12, 2015 -- 5:30am
Thu, May 14, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Fri, May 15, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sat, May 16, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Sun, May 17, 2015 -- 5:30am

Mr. Big's Big Plan/Vocab Bee
MR. BIG's BIG PLAN: WordGirl must get to the bottom of Mr. Big's plan to steal the local election when he claims he's reformed and runs for Mayor. VOCAB BEE: Becky enters a vocabulary bee, but the Butcher's latest crime spree proves to be a major distraction for WordGirl.

Tue, May 12, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Wed, May 13, 2015 -- 5:30am
Fri, May 15, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Sat, May 16, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sun, May 17, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Mon, May 18, 2015 -- 5:30am

Shrinkin' in the Ray/Department Store Tobey
SHRINKIN' IN THE RAY: WordGirl must defeat Dr.. 2-Brains when he invents a shrink ray, and uses it to shrink down the cheesy items he covets for easy stealing. DEPARTMENT STORE TOBEY: Tobey interrupts the Botsford's shoe shopping trip, as he tries to impress WordGirl with his elaborate riddles - but he's too clever for his own good.

Wed, May 13, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Thu, May 14, 2015 -- 5:30am
Mon, May 18, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Tue, May 19, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sat, May 23, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Sun, May 24, 2015 -- 1:30am

Sonny Days with a Chance of Showers/Seymour....Right After This
SONNY DAYS WITH A CHANCE OF SHOWERS - Just when meteorologist, Sonny Days, is about to deliver the eagerly-awaited forecast, The Birthday Girl kidnaps him demanding that he announce her birthday on TV. Will WordGirl be able to free Sonny from the clutches of The Birthday Girl? Is it possible that today could be her real birthday? Vocabulary Words: Precipitation, Meteorologist. SEYMOUR-RIGHT AFTER THIS - When Seymour Smooth delays announcing his new show's winning ticket numbers, Becky gets suspicious. While the entire town is captivated by Seymour's exciting show, WordGirl must find a way to stop him and his evil band of robbers. Vocabulary Words: Delay, Captivated.

Thu, May 14, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Fri, May 15, 2015 -- 5:30am
Tue, May 19, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Wed, May 20, 2015 -- 1:30am

Chuck E Sneeze/Swap Meat
CHUCK E SNEEZE: WordGirl has to battle Chuck's latest evil scheme, while also fighting off a nasty cold. SWAP MEAT: The Butcher is making a bundle, auctioning off forgeries of famous lost works of art.. WordGirl has to figure out how he's pulling it off.

Fri, May 15, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Sat, May 16, 2015 -- 5:30am
Wed, May 20, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Thu, May 21, 2015 -- 1:30am

The Fill-In/Word (Hicc)Up!
THE FILL-IN - The Butcher volunteers to fill in when one of Dr. Two Brains' henchmen, Charlie, goes on vacation. But instead of giving him orders, Dr. Two Brains tries to convince him to team up to create the ultimate ham and cheese duo. It's up to WordGirl to intervene and still find time to go to the Around the Moon dance. Vocabulary Words: Surrender, Temporary. WORD (HICC)UP! - While WordGirl tries to find a remedy for the hiccups, Chuck tries to get his condiment ray fixed by Hal Hardbargain. Can WordGirl stop Chuck's latest crime spree or will her hiccups stop her? And who is this new guy, Hal Hardbargain? Vocabulary Words: Remedy, Glitch.

Mon, May 18, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Tue, May 19, 2015 -- 5:30am
Thu, May 21, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Fri, May 22, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sat, May 23, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Sun, May 24, 2015 -- 5:30am

Granny's Goodtime All-Cure Spritzer/Mecha-Mouse
GRANNY'S GOODTIME ALL-CURE SPRITZER: WordGirl must put a stop to GrannyMay's latest con game - selling phony bottles of 'all-cure' spritzer that restores youth. MECHA-MOUSE: Dr.. 2-Brains builds a mechanical mouse muscle suit, to make him as strong as he is smart... WordGirl must stop him from robbing the annual 2-for-1 festival.

Tue, May 19, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Wed, May 20, 2015 -- 5:30am
Fri, May 22, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Sat, May 23, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sun, May 24, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Mon, May 25, 2015 -- 5:30am

Leslie Makes It Big/Mouse Brain Take-Over
* Leslie Makes it Big - When Mr. Big gets hauled off to jail, his assistant, Leslie, takes over to carry out their latest evil plan-building the most powerful mind control device ever! Will Mr. Big help WordGirl defeat Leslie, or will Leslie become bigger than Mr. Big? Vocabulary Words: Ridiculous, Assume.
* Mouse Brain Take-over - Just as WordGirl is about to give TJ, the winner of the "WordGirl Synonym Contest," a tour of her secret hide-out, she discovers Dr. Two-Brains' is going on an all-out cheese rampage. This time he's more evil (and more mousy) than ever! Vocabulary Words: Abandon, Dilemma.

Wed, May 20, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Thu, May 21, 2015 -- 5:30am
Mon, May 25, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Tue, May 26, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sat, May 30, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Sun, May 31, 2015 -- 1:30am

Chuck with a Sidekick of Brent/Yarn-4-Gold
CHUCK WITH A SIDEKICK OF BRENT - Once again Chuck teams up with his successful brother, Brent who attempts to organize Chuck's robberies. But when Chuck rebels against the system he sets out to turn the city into a giant sandwich-unless WordGirl can stop him. Vocabulary Words: Accomplish, Schedule. YARN-4-GOLD - WordGirl and Bampy team up to take down the villainous Granny May and stop her newest criminal enterprise-exchanging gold jewelry for one-of-a-kind purple yarn replacements. Vocabulary Words: Rubbish, Swap.

Thu, May 21, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Fri, May 22, 2015 -- 5:30am
Tue, May 26, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Wed, May 27, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sun, May 31, 2015 -- 7:30pm

Thorn in the Sidekick/Crime Takes A Holiday
Thorn in the Sidekick - Chuck reluctantly teams up with an obnoxious, exasperating new sidekick named The Whammer. WG and CHF must track them down - before everything in town gets whammed. Crime Take a Holiday - Dr 2-Brains is on vacation, and WG has to battle his replacement - a super-fan named Glen who isn't quite as scary as the real Doc.

Fri, May 22, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Sat, May 23, 2015 -- 5:30am
Wed, May 27, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Thu, May 28, 2015 -- 1:30am

Whammer Anniversary/Rat Trap
WHAMMER ANNIVERSARY - Mr. and Mrs. Bots ford leave Becky to babysit TJ so they can celebrate their anniversary at a local ice cream parlor. When the Whammed can't get the sundae he orders he starts whamming. Becky has to find a way to save her parents, babysit TJ, and keep her secret identity intact. Vocabulary Words: Glimpse, Occasion. RAT TRAP - After an anonymous source tips off Word Girl, Dr. Two Brains smells a rat and his name is Hal Hard bargain! In order to get revenge, he forces Hal to create the ultimate weapon, a ray that turns superheroes into cheese! Vocabulary Words: Confiscate, Whiz.

Mon, May 25, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Tue, May 26, 2015 -- 5:30am
Thu, May 28, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Fri, May 29, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sat, May 30, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Sun, May 31, 2015 -- 5:30am

Meat with a Side of Cute/Mr. Big Words
Meat with a Side of Cute - Tired of being defeated by WordGirl, the Butcher enlists the unlikely ally of an adorable kitten - hoping to conquer WG with cuteness. Mr. Big Words - WordGirl is busier than ever when Mr Big invents a ray that causes everyone in town to use big, complicated words.

Tue, May 26, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Wed, May 27, 2015 -- 5:30am
Fri, May 29, 2015 -- 7:30pm
Sat, May 30, 2015 -- 1:30am
Sun, May 31, 2015 -- 11:30pm

Wordgirl and Bobbleboy/Crime in the Key of V
* WordGirl and BobbleBoy - TJ decides to make and sell his own WordGirl bobblehead dolls at all of her crime scenes. Unfortunately, the booming sales distract WordGirl so much that she loses her battle with Chuck! Will the bobblehead dolls put WordGirl out of business? Vocabulary Words: Bobble, Souvenir.
* Crime in the Key of V - Determined to be the best at everything, the villainous Victoria Best sets out to be the best superhero in the city and put WordGirl out of commission for good. When Victoria captures Amazing Rope Guy with her tractor beam eyes will WordGirl have to settle for second best? Vocabulary Words: Exceptional, Meddle.

Wed, May 27, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Thu, May 28, 2015 -- 5:30am

Two Brains Forgets/Banned on the Run
Two Brains Forgets - It looks like all is lost when Dr 2-Brains discovers WordGirl's secret identity! But some quick thinking, some help from the Botsford family, and a little luck save the day when 2-Brains' amnesia ray ends up working on the Doc himself. Banned on the Run - Mr. Big finally cheats his way to becoming the town Mayor - and his first order of business is to ban Word Girl! WG and Huggy must restore order to the town and undo all of the silly laws Mr Big keeps passing.

Thu, May 28, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Fri, May 29, 2015 -- 5:30am

Have You Seen The Remote?/Sidekicked to the Curb
Have You Seen the Remote? - Tobey and WordGirl team up to track down missing remote control for his robots. When Tobey finally has a chance to spend time with his crush-WordGirl (sigh)- she has to ignore his distractions and stop whoever is in charge of the robots attack on the city. Sidekicked to the Curb - The Whammer has had enough of all of this sidekick business. He wants to be his own boss, so he signs up for the Coach's motivational help program. Are all of these evil deeds really steps in the program, or has he just become a pawn in the Coach's master plan? Vocab words: Motivate, Finale

Fri, May 29, 2015 -- 11:30pm
Sat, May 30, 2015 -- 5:30am

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