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Fri, Sep 21, 2012 -- 10:00 AM
Fri, Sep 21, 2012 -- 10:00 AM First Person: Bee Wrangler Norman Gary

Honeybee expert and former UC Davis professor Norman Gary spent 40 years moonlighting as a "bee wrangler" for TV shows and Hollywood films like "Fried Green Tomatoes," "The X Files" and "Candyman." Gary is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having 109 bees in his mouth for 10 seconds. He joins us to discuss his career as well as colony collapse disorder, the rise of urban beekeeping and his book "The Honey Bee Hobbyist."

Fri, Sep 21, 2012 -- 9:30 AM
Fri, Sep 21, 2012 -- 9:30 AM How Will Health Care Reform Affect Californians?

The Affordable Care Act gives states the power to review rates when insurers hike premiums by 10 percent or more. But that doesn't mean they have the authority to stop those hikes -- and the state says its hands are tied. So what does this mean for future premiums? What other changes can Californians expect to see with the health reform law, and what can they do in response?

Fri, Sep 21, 2012 -- 9:00 AM
Fri, Sep 21, 2012 -- 9:00 AM District 3 Debate: Garamendi vs. Vann

We present a special live debate from our Sacramento studio in the race for California's 3rd Congressional District. We'll hear from both Democratic Congressman John Garamendi and his Republican challenger Kim Vann, the former supervisor of Colusa County. What are their plans for the newly drawn district? The new 3rd district spans eight counties in Northern California, including most of Sacramento County.

Thu, Sep 20, 2012 -- 10:00 AM
Thu, Sep 20, 2012 -- 10:00 AM Hanna Rosin on 'The End of Men'

Simone de Beauvoir wrote, "This world has always belonged to males," but author Hanna Rosin says that isn't the case anymore. In Rosin's new book "The End of Men and the Rise of Women," she argues that women are winning in the new economy, surpassing men in education and at work, while continuing to exercise power at home. What gender role changes have you observed in work, pay, marriage, child rearing and sex? What do both sexes have to do to adapt?

Thu, Sep 20, 2012 -- 9:00 AM
Thu, Sep 20, 2012 -- 9:00 AM Obesity on the Rise

A new report predicts that by 2030, nearly half of all Californians will be obese. The predictions are even more grim for the vast majority of other states -- in Mississippi 67 percent are expected to be obese. We discuss the obesity epidemic, its causes and what can be done about it.

Wed, Sep 19, 2012 -- 10:00 AM
Wed, Sep 19, 2012 -- 10:00 AM Paul Auster

Paul Auster remembers the car accident that nearly killed him and his family. It's one of a series of brushes with death from his new book, "Winter Journal." Auster also recalls dirty fights as a child, sitting next to his mother's lifeless body as an adult, the crumbling of his first marriage and the slow breakdown of his own body over time. Paul Auster joins us to talk about aging, death and the power of the written word.

Wed, Sep 19, 2012 -- 9:00 AM
Wed, Sep 19, 2012 -- 9:00 AM Romney's '47 Percent': The Political Fallout

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is facing scrutiny this week after video of him speaking candidly at a campaign fundraiser was released by San Francisco-based Mother Jones magazine. Romney claimed peace in the Middle East was "almost unthinkable," and described 47 percent of Americans as believing they are "victims" dependent on government assistance. With under two months to go until the presidential election, how will Romney's remarks affect his campaign?

Tue, Sep 18, 2012 -- 10:00 AM
Tue, Sep 18, 2012 -- 10:00 AM Martin Amis

"Sexy Beast." That's how Martin Amis refers to the title character of his latest novel, "Lionel Asbo: State of England." His creation, Lionel, is a gangster with a love for extortion, topless models and feeding his dogs Tabasco sauce. But he's also got a soft spot for his bookish young nephew. Martin Amis joins us to discuss his latest novel, and his love for misbehaving characters.

Tue, Sep 18, 2012 -- 9:00 AM
Tue, Sep 18, 2012 -- 9:00 AM 'Occupy' One Year Later

Monday marked the first anniversary of "Occupy Wall Street," a movement that began with an encampment in New York City's Zuccotti Park and inspired similar protests across America and around the world. "Occupy" protesters staged large demonstrations in New York and San Francisco to celebrate the anniversary -- but the milestone has left some people questioning the validity and success of the controversial movement.

Mon, Sep 17, 2012 -- 10:00 AM
Mon, Sep 17, 2012 -- 10:00 AM 'After Mandela'

In 1994, Nelson Mandela stepped forth as South Africa's first black president and said, "Never, never, and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another." But 18 years later, is South Africa truly free? Journalist Douglas Foster explored that question while living in South Africa. He interviewed everyone from President Zuma to teens with HIV. Foster joins us to discuss his book "After Mandela: The Struggle for Freedom in Post-Apartheid South Africa," and the problems that still divide the country.

Mon, Sep 17, 2012 -- 9:00 AM
Mon, Sep 17, 2012 -- 9:00 AM The Latest From the Middle East

Since a video ridiculing the prophet Mohammed appeared on YouTube, anti-American protests have erupted in the Middle East. The violence led to the death of the U.S. ambassador in Libya, the storming of the U.S. embassy in Yemen and clashes with riot police. What does this mean for the future of U.S.-Middle Eastern relations? Should the U.S. get further involved? How do we balance democracy with diplomacy?

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