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Sasha Khoka

Sasha Khokha
Central Valley Bureau Chief

Sasha Khokha is KQED's Central Valley Bureau Chief. Based in Fresno, she covers a vast geographic beat, including the nation's most productive farm belt, some of California's poorest towns, and Yosemite and Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks.

Whether trekking up a Sierra glacier with her microphone, interviewing farmworkers in Spanish, or explaining complicated air or water quality issues, Sasha translates rural Central California to listeners in the rest of the state.

Her stories have won an Edward R Murrow Regional Award, as well as awards from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, the California Teachers Association and the Association of Health Care Journalists.

Sasha joined KQED in 2004, after stints as a reporter in Alaska and with NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday.

Sasha's work is also heard on National Public Radio and PRI's The World.

Sasha is a graduate of Brown University and the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

Sasha is also a documentary filmmaker; her film Calcutta Calling documents the lives of teenage girls adopted from India to Swedish-Lutheran Minnesota. The film was nominated for a national broadcast Emmy in 2007.

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Stories (475 archives)

The California Report | Feb 27, 2014 8:50 AM
Fresno Council Considers Opening Pedestrian Mall to Cars

Many California cities struggle with how to revitalize their downtowns to make them attractive, hip places that draw in retail and foot traffic. Fifty years ago, Fresno built the state's first outdoor downtown pedestrian mall. It was a pioneering idea at the time, but on Thursday the city council will consider allowing cars back in.

The California Report | Feb 14, 2014 4:30 PM
President Obama Visits Fresno, Promises Drought Aid

California's severe drought brought President Obama to Fresno Friday afternoon. He offered up a package of federal assistance to help alleviate the financial disaster ushered in by the drought, and was expected to tour a local farm and meet with worried growers. We talk with Central Valley Bureau Chief Sasha Khokha about the highlights of what the Obama administration is doing.

The California Report | Feb 14, 2014 8:50 AM
Farmers Weigh in on How Obama Should Address Drought

President Barack Obama makes a couple stops in California today, including a visit to the drought-stricken Central Valley. We talk with farmers at the World Ag Expo in Tulare County about what they hope the president will address.

The California Report | Feb 12, 2014 8:50 AM
Senators Feinstein, Boxer Roll Out Water Bill

Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer have introduced an emergency drought relief bill. The measure doesn't seek to waive state or federal laws -- but it would direct federal agencies to help boost California's water supply. The bill is a Democratic response to Republican legislation passed in the House that would send more water to farms by rolling back environmental protections.

The California Report | Jan 28, 2014 8:50 AM
New Farm Bill Includes Cut in Food Stamps

The U.S House of Representatives is expected to vote on a long-awaited farm bill this week, after months of wrangling. One of the most closely watched provisions would cut food stamps, although less drastically than originally proposed.

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