White House Honors Two Techies for Making Programming Cool

Two Bay Area tech innovators are being recognized for showing kids that learning to program is cool.

The White House formally recognized two separate projects on Wednesday as important in preparing kids for careers in technology.

The Champions of Change for Tech Inclusion program honored San Francisco's Kimberly Bryant for starting the group Black Girls Code, which provides technology training for girls aged  7-17.

Carlos Bueno, a programmer at Facebook, was recognized for writing a children's novel, Lauren Ipsum, with a heroine who uses computational skills on her adventure.

Bueno says writing for children forced him to simplify programming concepts that he says are an important part of modern life for everyone.

"The first thing we need to stop doing is thinking of programming as a profession and think of it as an activity, as a skill because (thinking of it as a profession) really takes kids and excludes them," he says.


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