BART Strike a 'Ticket to Ride' For Car Sharing Apps

Ride-sharing startups have seen a big upsurge in activity from the BART strike. 
Companies like Sidecar, Lyft and Avego had already been getting ready for a strike in the last few days, promoting their mobile apps and contacting the drivers in their networks over the weekend. 
Nick Allen, co-founder of Sidecar, says he’s seen a 50 percent increase in rides Monday.
“So we see rides across the bridge and down in the Peninsula every day, and we’re seeing increased usage of that type because of the BART strike,” says Allen.
Sidecar offered extra incentives to get drivers to participate, waiving its usual 20 percent of the take and allowing drivers to keep 100 percent. 
Lyft also offered the same incentive to its drivers for the duration of the strike.
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