Santa Clara County May Mandate EV Chargers

Santa Clara County officials want to boost the number of electric car chargers in the county. Supervisors are considering rules Tuesday to require new and remodeled buildings to be pre-wired for plug-in chargers.
Board of Supervisors President Ken Yeager says more and more county residents are driving electric cars and plug-in hybrids, but there aren't enough chargers. 

"Often when people buy their electric vehicle, they think 'oh, great, I can just run the extension cord,'" says Yeager. "And of course you can’t. And I just think it would be great and very exciting for people if they bought a new house to realize that the wiring already exists."

The city of Sunnyvale and Los Angeles County are among the few places to have similar regulations.The new rules would only apply to unincorporated areas, but Yeager hopes they'll make it easier for cities to adopt a uniform code throughout the county. 

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