Bay Area

SF Building Boom Has Dramatic Implications

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Driving into San Francisco from the Bay Bridge, you can't miss the construction cranes hovering over high and mid-rise apartment developments—and giant billboards advertising the new opportunities for luxury urban living.

Indeed, there is an historic building boom happening in San Francisco, and it has dramatic implications not only for the city's skyline, but also for its neighborhoods and political landscape.

Many advocates of urban density and transit-friendly housing say this is great for the city: It's increasing the overall housing stock, and the construction itself is creating jobs, pumping money into the local economy. But there are plenty of people who don't see it that way. Ted Gullicksen, of the San Francisco Tenants Union, says developers are building too many luxury units.

Reporter Stephanie Martin spoke to San Francisco Business Times real estate reporter J.K. Dineen about the city's building boom.

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