San Jose May Loosen Vendor Rules to Promote Fruits, Vegetables

On Tuesday the San Jose City Council is scheduled to consider relaxing restrictions on local food vendors. The goal is to give residents more access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Currently, if you wanted to set up a fruit stand for two hours in a residential area in San Jose, you couldn't, because that violates a city ordinance. That's one of many items the City Council will consider changing.  

"We know that people, when tempted with fruits and vegetables, will actually eat them," San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed says. "But we have to get the temptation out into the neighborhoods."

Another proposed change would allow the sale of fruits and vegetables at churches, schools, libraries and community centers, without an administrative permit.  

Reed says there are plenty of places where people can get junk food. He hopes the proposed changes will increase the convenience and reduce the cost for people to find healthier snacks.

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