Lawmakers Say CPUC Hasn't Learned from San Bruno Fire

State lawmakers are renewing their criticism of the safety culture at the California Public Utilities Commission, saying the agency and its chief have not moved fast enough to learn from the September 2010 San Bruno gas pipeline disaster.
During a budget subcommittee hearing Thursday, Silicon Valley state Sen. Jim Beall questioned CPUC Director Paul Clanon.
"I think we have to have the commission have a sense of urgency -- they don't. It has to happen," Beall said. "You got to change this culture."
Clanon disagreed with Beall's assessment, saying, "Well, I respectfully disagree with the notion that we don't have a sense of urgency or that we're not working every day to change the culture."

The CPUC has come under fire after employees said in a confidential survey that the agency's leadership does not prioritize safety and that it's "too cozy" with the companies it regulates.
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