USF Hosts Nation's First College Women's Boxing Championship

The University of San Francisco makes history this week by hosting the first collegiate boxing tournament to include women in championship bouts. 
USF Coach Angelo Merino is one of the founders of the newly-formed United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association.
" In the past, on previous organizations, they were just part of the show – a win and a loss," says Merino.  "And they’re just showcasing female boxers but not recognizing their efforts as being champions."

Luke Runion, coach of the University of Maryland boxing club, says he's seen the number of women interested in the sport increase dramatically in the past decade. 

"These boxers train very hard all year long," says Runion. "And for them to now have an equal platform to win a championship in women’s boxing, I think, elevates our sport to a level where quality is recognized.  And the hard work -- there’s going to be some reward for that."

The new intercollegiate association started in the wake of last Summer’s Olympics, which featured women’s boxing for the first time.  The event runs Thursday through Saturday.

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