San Jose Launches “Wickedly-Fast Wi-Fi”

On Thursday, San Jose is launching a free Wi-Fi service downtown that officials say will be a huge leap forward from previous efforts.  The city is combining existing infrastructure and new technologies to create what it’s calling “Wickedly-Fast Wi-Fi.”
Downtown San Jose already has an extensive municipal fiber network which links things like Pay to Park meters and other city services.  
By piggybacking on those networks and using cutting-edge antennas to focus Wi-Fi signals, the city can provide a much faster and more reliable service than previously possible – and at a minimal cost to the city. 
“Speed is never fast enough when it comes to broadband and Wi-Fi,” says Mayor Chuck Reed.   “But it will be a lot faster than people are used to.”
Reed says the new service will make a difference to people thinking about where to place their companies, what jobs they want and where they want to live.
“It’s one of those amenities that you need to have,” says Reed.  You need to have broadband access and you need to have Wi-Fi in order for people to be more efficient at work and do more things where they live.”
Officials say the system is built to meet modern web traffic demands like streaming video.  The idea is to attract visitors to San Jose and locals to downtown.
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