City College of SF Nears Deadline For Plan

It's down to the wire for City College of San Francisco to submit its final plan to stay accredited and keep its doors open. Friday, March 15 is the deadline for the college to prove it has addressed more than a dozen deficiencies identified by the state's accreditation commission.

In the eight months since accreditors put City College on notice, administrators, students and faculty have scrambled to slash budgets, change how they gauge learning, and even overhaul their mission.

"This has been wrenching for a lot of people," says college spokesman Larry Kamer.  He calls the number of tough decisions the school has made "enormous" and says the report to the accreditation commission should be done on time.

But no one knows if the efforts will be enough. "All we know is that we can say in good faith what we've done, and we've been very honest about what still needs to be done," Kamer says.

He says the college still needs to stabilize its long-term finances, a major concern of the accreditors. The commission is expected to send a team to reevaluate City College next month.

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