East Palo Alto May Approve Creek Repair

On Tuesday night, the East Palo Alto City Council is expected to approve more repairs to creek banks that were damaged by winter floods. It's part of a long-term plan to shore up levees in the flood-prone area near San Francisco Bay.
East Palo Alto got some welcome news late last week when Governor Brown declared a state of emergency for areas hit by severe rainstorms just before Christmas. Flooding damaged levees and forced evacuation of seven homes. 

Director of Community Development John Doughty says the city has been focused on short term measures to keep residents safe, but is also working with regional authorities to craft a more permanent solution to flooding along San Francisquito Creek.

"It’s a challenge for this community because we’re at the bottom of the funnel, in essence," says Doughty. "So it’s extremely hard to fix. Because we’re taking the flow of all the way from the very top of the basin all the way down to us."

Doughty says he doesn’t know exactly how much money the state will chip in, but he hopes it will cover most of the costs of the recent damage. 


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