Boxer Introduces Bill to Curb Climate Change

Craig Miller/KQED

Boxer's climate bill would tax carbon emissions.

President Obama this week urged Congress to act on climate change. Thursday, California Senator Barbara Boxer answered that call, with a new bill to curb carbon pollution.
Senator Boxer’s bill would charge a fee for carbon emissions, starting at $20 a ton, and rising over the next decade.
"The science is telling us that we can’t waste any more time, and the weather is showing us that we can’t waste any more time," Boxer said.
The revenue generated—potentially more than a trillion dollars--would be invested in sustainable energy programs, with a large portion returned to taxpayers.
Boxer said she and co-sponsor Bernie Sanders of Vermont are taking a cue from California’s climate policy.
"The largest state in the union taking the lead on this, creating jobs because of what they’re doing. And we here have got to follow that lead," she said.
But that won’t be easy. Ten years ago, a Congressional cap-and-trade bill that eventually failed had sponsors from both parties. Thursday, there were no Republicans in sight.
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