Laurene Powell Jobs Launches Effort to Pass DREAM Act

The widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is launching a campaign to help pass the DREAM Act.  Laurene Powell Jobs is teaming up with documentary maker  Davis Guggenheim ("An Inconvenient Truth,"  "Waiting for Superman") on a web site in support of immigration reform.
The web site, The Dream is Now,  features videos of young people talking about being brought to the United States as children.  People like Cendy describe how the DREAM Act would change their lives by granting them permanent residency.
“All of my siblings are documented except me,” she says in the video.  “In the past few years my sister has been going to college and seeing that being undocumented and having the exact same potential as her and just not have those opportunities.”
The website encourages other young people to upload videos telling their own stories.  
In a rare interview, Powell Jobs told Yahoo News she hopes to build momentum around the issue by putting faces to the young people who would benefit from the DREAM Act.
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